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9 simple tips to send effective SMS campaigns

Jul 22, 2019 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

To help you execute effective SMS campaigns and generate maximum impact, we’ve chalked down a few easy-to-follow SMS marketing tips for you.

1. Use conversational style with a personal touch

Give your business a personality and connect with your customers. Engage, persuade and inspire them with your texts. Bring the personal touch to your bulk SMS campaigns by inserting recipients’ names and other custom details using our mail-merge feature.


2. Say more with our SMS attachments

Whether it is a menu, rate card, receipt, or an attractive flyer, deliver them directly to your customers’ mobiles via Textlocal SMS attachments. Making all the information easily and readily available in your texts dramatically improves the conversion rates!


3. Include a clear call to action

From sign-up offers to feedback requests, SMS campaigns are most effective when a clear, immediate call to action is inserted right in the text content. Let SMS act as a mobile gateway for your customer purchase, engagement and feedback processes.


4. Send messages with your business name

Given the extremely low attention span of readers, it is imperative to highlight your business, product or service name as early as possible. While transactional SMS can be sent with your custom Sender ID, promotional texts can begin with your business name.


5. Provide an easy opt-out path

As any brand’s social media page shows, nothing annoys customers more than repeat, unwanted SMS or email. Include an opt-out path in your campaigns and let customers easily unsubscribe whenever required. All Textlocal accounts come with a free opt-out path – read this guide (page 8) to know more about our opt-out mechanism.


6. Schedule your campaigns

A Sunday brunch offer is wasted if the campaign is sent at noon! Last minute haste, errors and delays can often prove to be expensive. We recommend getting the campaigns fully set up and scheduled at least a day before to avoid any slip-ups.


7. Stagger your campaigns

Sending out an irresistible offer that is bound to cause an excessive influx of calls, queries and orders? Avoid traffic, sales and support bottlenecks by staggering your campaign over a few hours. Look under “Advanced” section on the Send page to see how to stagger campaigns in a few clicks.


8. Automate texting from your application

Manually sending personalized birthday offers, abandoned cart alerts and subscription reminders can be quite daunting (not to mention, delayed and erroneous). Automate sending SMS alerts and offers from your website or CRM by integrating with our SMS APIs!


9. Measure, test and optimize

Ensure you insert CTAs in all your texts and closely track how different variables – message content, offer type, send time, business name – affect click rates and conversion ratios. By testing, measuring and iterating, you can design optimal SMS campaigns for your audience.