With the explosion of smartphones and low-cost data, mobile marketing is undergoing a rapid transformation in India. Businesses are now creating more powerful customer engagement journeys on SMS than just sending plain-vanilla SMS. With the right tools, you can now have tiered account structure for decentralized processing, send mobile-optimized forms, surveys, coupons via SMS. What's more, you can even let your customers reach you via missed calls, inbound numbers and dual VMNs.



1. Powerful & Flexible API Integrations

Textlocal APIs go beyond send & receive SMS and allow you to add or delete contacts, manage inbound messages, retrieve custom reports, manage reseller settings including credit allocation, collect survey responses and much more right from your application.

2. Tiered Account Structure

Easily allow your franchisees and teams to run their own SMS campaigns with a tiered account structure. Just pay centrally, allocate credits to your sub-accounts as needed and monitor consumption. Yes, it's that simple! Contact sales to know more.

3. Ultra Low Latency OTP Route

Don't let a delayed OTP affect your business. We can now configure your account with an advanced auto-retry option. Our gateway intelligently reroutes the OTP with different operators if the delivery-receipt is delayed beyond a few seconds. Talk to our team to get this configured today!

4. Advanced Click Data Reports

While you maybe aware of Textlocal SMS attachments, webpages and shortlinks, did you know that you can easily access click data for these campaigns? That's right, you get to see who opened your files/URLs along with the timestamp and device characteristics!

5. Multi-User Roles & Privileges

Having problems with multiple users accessing a single account? As a super user, you can define granular roles and privileges for each of your sub users. You can even monitor their usage with a detailed audit trail report.

6. Control Your SMS Content

Stay in complete control of what SMS goes out from your account. You can limit your sub-users to certain pre-defined SMS templates. Alternatively, you can restrict your sub-users' campaigns from going out without your explicit approval.

7. Reach Your Clients Instantly with Missed Calls and Dual VMNs

Did you know that 65% of mobile phone users in India prefer a missed call to an actual phone call? Allow prospects to seek product information or opt-in to your messages by just giving a missed call. Easily set SMS auto-responses with PDF attachments, weblinks and more! Contact sales to get your missed call number/dual VMN now.

8. Transactional and Promotional Accounts

Our support team can configure two sub-accounts to meet both your transactional SMS and promotional SMS requirements. Furthermore, a single transactional account can be used to send texts from multiple applications using multiple Sender IDs.

9. Forms, Surveys, Vouchers and Tickets

SMS has 8x higher response rates than email, so why not send your vouchers & surveys via SMS? You can now create and send mobile tickets, discount vouchers, surveys and forms directly to your customers’ phones with Textlocal!

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Superb Service Provider and Support

Superb Service provider as well as the Support team, helped me with the API issue within 20 minutes of complaint rise!!Pricing also reasonable!!Texts will be delivered within a minute or less!!