Mobile messaging for advertising & marketing agencies

Use Textlocal as an effective channel to service clients and delight them with the best mobile marketing returns

Now you can leverage SMS as an additional channel to service and delight your clients. With Textlocal you can create and send attractive SMS marketing messages along with attachments, discount vouchers and personalized offers. What’s more you will be able to track the effectiveness of both your offline and online ad campaigns with Textlocal.


The Textlocal service and how we can help you

Problem Tag: Icon not found Expand your portfolio

Explore a new revenue channel with our reseller options that give you the opportunity to offer industry’s leading SMS marketing product to your clients.

Problem Tag: Icon not found Better bang for your buck

Have you considered SMS as a marketing channel? Try it and discover that 98% open rates and 90% read rates within 3 minutes of campaigns imply higher ROI.

Problem Tag: Icon not found Promote special offers

Enhance your client’s marketing campaign with special offers and discount vouchers. Let      Textlocal manage these for you—from voucher creation to redemption!

Problem Tag: Icon not found Leads from offline ads

Ever wondered about inserting a call to action on your billboard ads? Now get readers to text to your client’s short or long codes for exclusive offers or for more information and generate leads from your offline ad campaigns.

Problem Tag: Icon not found Instant mobile web pages

Building a mobile landing page just got easier—create one quickly for your clients’ SMS
marketing campaigns with Textlocal and bid goodbye to your dependence on IT teams.

Problem Tag: Icon not found Track SMS campaign metrics

Generate detailed SMS campaign performance reports using our API or download them
from the UI to share with your client. Delight your clients with this value addition!

Problem Tag: Icon not found Manage events seamlessly

Cut down on the effort you put into managing an event. Just use Textlocal for an
end-to-end solution—whether it is promoting events, managing RSVPs, issuing passes or
gathering feedback.

Problem Tag: Icon not found Quicker way to reach clients

Why wait for your client to read your email? Wow them by instantly sharing your media
plan, ad copy or marketing proposal through Textlocal SMS attachments.

Problem Tag: Icon not found SMS alerts

Send automated reminders, meeting updates, campaign alerts, and even payment
receipts to your clients by integrating your CRM with Textlocal API gateway.


Case studies from happy Textlocal customers

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