Mobile messaging for Automobiles

Be in the driver’s seat and shift customer marketing and service by sending new car promotional flyers and automated service alerts via SMS

Stop relying on phone-operators to be your service voice. Manage everything from new launches, service reminders and test drives to customers using Textlocal’s services. Control the marketing campaigns of your dealerships by centrally managing message templates.


The Textlocal service and how we can help you

Problem Tag: Icon not found Show, don’t tell

Got a brand new car launch? Let the pictures do the talking. Send out glitzy flyers of vehicles along with pricing and promo offers as SMS attachments. Insert web links, PDFs, images and spreadsheets if needed.

Problem Tag: Icon not found Ease service processes

Simplify after-sales service activities by sending automated reminders on service dates, insurance and warranty renewals. Send alerts on vehicle-servicing phases.

Problem Tag: Icon not found Text an appointment

Put customers in charge by allowing them to book slots for test drives or servicing by sending an SMS with a keyword to a short-code. Use Textlocal APIs to update your appointment calendar in real-time based on these requests.

Problem Tag: Icon not found Gather feedback

Know how your customer rates you by seeking immediate feedback from your customers after a vehicle sale or service by sending Textlocal mobile-optimized surveys.

Problem Tag: Icon not found Book and sell

Get customers to renew maintenance contracts, pre-book vehicles or extend warranties by
sending them discount coupons with a limited-time offer. Let Textlocal handle the
end-to-end couponing.

Problem Tag: Icon not found Stoke interest and grow a database

Generate SMS enquiries from prospective customers by including your SMS contact info
(keywords, short/long codes) in all marketing communications. Sit back and watch your
opt-in database grow.

Problem Tag: Icon not found Manage dealer and franchisee relationships

Do you manage multiple dealerships and franchises? Let them conduct their own SMS
campaigns, while you centrally manage purchases and control the message tone and tenor
by locking down templates.

Problem Tag: Icon not found Keep your customer


Make customers feel special by inviting them to auto shows and launch events by sending
Textlocal mobile tickets. Use SMS attachments to share auto trends or maintenance tips.

Problem Tag: Icon not found Increase web traffic and brand visibility


Build web traffic and brand recall. Send web landing pages as Textlocal shortlinks in your
SMS campaigns, and keep track of who is interested in real-time.


Case studies from happy Textlocal customers

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