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Hi there,

Following TRAI directive, telecom operators have suspended template scrubbing for 7 days to facilitate template registration for all businesses. Please note that this is only a temporary relaxation, so we would strongly urge you to take advantage and apply all necessary templates in DLT platforms. Please follow Step 5 here to register templates in DLT platforms.

Adding DLT templates in Textlocal platform: After your templates are approved in the DLT platforms, please add these templates and template ID in your Textlocal account. Please follow Step 6 here to add templates in Textlocal.

We’ve listed down the best practices for creating templates to avoid disruption in your traffic when template scrubbing goes live:

  1. Message content, category and template ID must exactly match the templates approved in DLT platform
    • The message content you have added in Textlocal should not have extra/missing spaces or new lines.
    • All templates added in Textlocal must be added with message category and template ID.
    • All approved templates without template ID/message category in your account will be rejected post implementation. Sending any of the rejected templates will result in the error “invalid template”. You can access all your rejected templates in your account. Please add DLT template IDs and message category for templates you wish to use and apply again in your Textlocal account.
  2. DLT variables
    • The maximum character limit for a DLT variable is 30 (as mandated by operators). If you wish to send Textlocal shortlinks, please use 2 DLT variables ({#var#}{#var#}).
    • The syntax of variables is different in DLT and Textlocal. Please use the relevant syntax when adding templates in each platform. See how to add templates in Textlocal here.
      Eg: An OTP template will look like “Your OTP is {#var#}” in DLT platforms and “Your OTP is %%|text^{“inputtype” : “text”, “maxlength” : “6”}%%” in Textlocal.

Note: The DLT portals are maintained and supported by respective telecom operators. Textlocal staff do not have access to your DLT information like template content, template ID, Registration ID etc.