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Download and install our free WordPress plugin and start sending automated SMS alerts from your website effortlessly. Using our comprehensive plugin you can send personalized SMS alerts with shipment tracking links, invoices, feedback surveys and much more. You can keep your customers continuously updated right from order confirmations to feedback requests with timely SMS alerts.

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Plugin Features

Keep your customers updated with automated SMS order notifications. Send SMS updates to customers when they place a new order and each time their order status is updated. You can check status of every SMS sent to a customer directly in the plugin by viewing the log history for their order. See the message that was sent and the status. Any errors will appear in the log box to help with troubleshooting.

Powerful customization options

You can choose which all order status changes will send updates to customers. You can even customize SMS to include store name, order ID, order amount, order status, and other order data along with your custom text.

  • SMS notifications can be configured for both admin and customers
  • Message will be sent out for the following status update:
    • When a new order is placed
    • When an order is complete
    • When an order is cancelled
    • When an order is closed
    • When an order is edited
    • On reordering
    • On raising an invoice
    • On shipment
  • Event message for any new customer registration
  • Event message for Forgot/Reset Password option
  • Event message when customer subscribe to newsletter
  • Event message when a customer leaves a review for any product
  • Ability to add multiple custom events which can be defined by the customer
  • Event messages for Paypal transactions (reversal, successful)
  • Inbuilt reporting dashboard
  • Storing and display of error logs in case of message failure

The Textlocal Advantage

  • Custom sender IDs, free of cost
  • Best-in-class delivery rates and speed
  • Authentic real-time delivery reports
  • Clear and honest pricing with zero hidden charges
  • Enterprise-ready reliability, security and redundancy
  • Robust infrastructure for near-zero downtime
  • Fanatic customer support with a ratin of 9.7/10 on Trustpilot
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