Mobile Messaging for Banking and Financial Services

Bring a range of banking and financial services to the customer’s mobile phone. Put an end to endless wait times and tardy paper communications. Be a bank or an insurer who is just a swipe away.

Cut out intrusive calls and bad customer experiences, by bringing client-facing services to an SMS platform. Use Textlocal to offer a range of instant, actionable services—from bank statements, fund transfers to trading updates. Allow customers to instantly reach out for information via SMS. Be the invisible but always available personal banker using Textlocal’s customized SMS services.


The Textlocal service and how it can benefit you

Problem Tag: Icon not found Go Mobile

Send customers their bank statements, insurance-policy updates, loan approval status, credit card approvals, payment receipts and much more as SMS attachments with Textlocal. Save paper and save the customer a trip to the bank.

Problem Tag: Icon not found The money alert

Keep customers in the loop through instant notifications and alerts on everything from cash withdrawals to card usage. Alert them on fund transfers and ping them one-time passwords for secure transactions using Textlocal API gateway.

Problem Tag: Icon not found Rope in new clients

Cut out frequent cold calls. Allow prospects to show interest in your financial products and services via a simple SMS. Promote your contact info - keywords, short/long codes - in all marketing communications.

Problem Tag: Icon not found Monitor and control all communication

Create completely secure customized templates that are locked down for sub-users with Textlocal enterprise-grade features. Monitor and keep track of usage for internal performance and regulatory audits.

Problem Tag: Icon not found Bring the broker to the phone

Act like a real-time broker to customers through automated updates for everything from market moves and interest rate changes to fund NAVs. These can be every hour or every month, customized to client needs and transaction frequency.

Problem Tag: Icon not found Promote new products and services

Promote new products and get clients to sign up for new services with SMS marketing campaigns. Insert a simple web URL link as ‘call-to-action’, measure client response and fine-tune your campaigns.

Problem Tag: Icon not found Customer service on SMS

Make your customers feel well served by instantly sending information ranging from account balances to nearest branch locations when requested via SMS. Make the SMS a tool for customer service by making it a 2-way communication channel.

Problem Tag: Icon not found Instant customer feedback

Are your clients happy or unhappy? Do they think your service is exceptional or mediocre? Get instant feedback on customer experience and map bank performance by branch and region by sending Textlocal mobile-optimized surveys.

Problem Tag: Icon not found Get ahead with bespoke services

Need help on how to leverage Textlocal and improve your services? Our dedicated team helps tailor solutions for your business needs, whether it’s setting up and managing campaigns or helping you integrate various backend systems.


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