Maximize Returns On Your SMS Campaigns

No other mobile marketing or engagement channel can boast 98% open rates. SMS beats both email and social media in read rates and response rates. So whether your business is established or completely new, you can gain significant growth and improve customer satisfaction with Textlocal SMS platform.

Here are a few ways to maximize your returns.


Go beyond 160 characters with Textlocal SMS attachments

Do you find it daunting to promote your product or service in 160 characters? Convey more with Textlocal by easily attaching and sending images, flyers, menus, brochures, videos and more in your texts at no extra cost!

  • Bring email-like attachment functionality to your high engagement SMS campaigns.
  • Faster go-to-market. Don’t wait for IT to host your files or webpages.
  • Get granular click metrics. Track who opened and their device characteristics.
  • Create highly effective SMS campaigns by using click data from attachments as an indicator for customer engagement.

Measure campaign performance with Textlocal Shortlinks

Textlocal makes it effortless to insert any URL in your message and deliver it as a short link. Unlike other URL shorteners (e.g. Bitly), Textlocal shortlinks can be sent as unique trackable links to millions of recipients in your bulk campaigns.

  • Every character counts in an SMS. So, shortening your URL saves valuable space.
  • Get granular click metrics. Track who opened and their device characteristics.
  • Create highly effective SMS campaigns by using click data from shortlinks as an indicator for customer engagement.



Send better SMS campaigns using powerful Textlocal features

Go beyond plain bulk SMS. With Textlocal, you can now fully customize your SMS campaigns in minutes using our easy and powerful user interface. Know more.

  • Personalize your bulk SMS campaigns using merge fields (#FirstName#, #LastName#, #Custom1#...)
  • Include an easy opt-out path for your customers and avoid hurting brand reputation
  • Schedule sends for a specific time and date. Alternatively, you can stagger your sends to go out in specific intervals through the day!
  • Send messages in 20+ languages using our easy transliteration tool

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All your SMS needs in one simple platform
Textlocal's award-winning SMS platform allows you to manage contacts, send promotional and transactional SMS, share media-rich content, manage opt-ins and opt-outs, receive SMS via short/long codes and keywords, create and send tickets and surveys from one single platform.

Widest range of integration options

Whether you're looking for powerful SMS APIs, easy-to-use web interface, Email-to-SMS gateway, Android/iOS apps, Magento extension or a simple Excel plugin, we’ve got you covered. Need more options? Just give us a call. Sending SMS has never been so easy and flexible! 

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The API integration is a cake walk

The API integration is a cake walk. it took me less than an hour to change it from existing application! I would definitely this recommend this service. Thank u Ramya and team for ur quick assistance.
Review date:

Onboarding is easy... World Class top notch Service

I got to know about TextLocal this morning. Called up their customer care , guy on phone was very friendly and very patient. He explained me features, costing and onboarding process in very efficient and cool manner. I joined TextLocal and submitted document to upgrade my account and my account was upgraded within 10 minutes. Got a call from their customer support representative to explain me all the features available. I was able to create templete , mail merge etc very quickly. Test SMSes reached the recipients promptly. Overall, extremely happy with their service. Highly recommended to anyone looking for SMS solutions. Looking forward for longer association with these guys. Thumbs up.