SMS has 8x higher response rates than email, so why not send your surveys and discount vouchers via SMS? Read on to know how you can take SMS one step further with Textlocal's award-winning platform.


Easily Create & Send Powerful Mobile Surveys

Create multi-page forms, surveys, and questionnaires, and send these as clickable links in an SMS. Mobile-optimized and equipped with industry-standard features, Textlocal surveys can even be fully personalized for every recipient (using merge fields and skip logic)! Combined with the high-engagement SMS medium, our SMS surveys work as great low-cost alternatives to other popular survey tools and forms. Know more. Download detailed how-to guide.

Powerful features to create professional surveys in minutes

  • Allow customers to easily respond and provide information using dropdowns, radio buttons, check boxes, multiple choice options, star ratings, date/time picker, and text areas
  • Personalize the survey for every recipient using merge fields
  • Brand your survey by inserting your business logos and images
  • Receive replies free of cost and view report summaries in your account
  • Export the response data to Microsoft Excel for in-depth analysis
  • All the surveys are mobile-optimized and can be easily accessed from any smartphone
  • Textlocal’s Survey Logic enables you to create surveys that present specific questions or pages to respondents based on their previous answers. Contact sales to enable this option.

Textlocal mobile surveys are perfect for businesses of all sectors and sizes. Here are a few ways in which our customers use the survey tool:

  • Data collection forms and applications: Loan applications, insurance claim forms, contracts, job applicants' information
  • Surveys: Customer feedback surveys, opinion polls, market research
  • Registrations: Newsletter sign ups, school/college registrations, Yoga/gym enrollments, Brochure downloads
  • Competitions: Entry forms including multiple choice questions and free text fields
  • Appointments: Doctors/clinics, salons, training classes

Pricing Options

  • Pay-as-you-go: Each survey send will cost 2x the credits required for a normal SMS. Creating surveys, receiving responses and storing data (for 3 months) are completely free.
  • Monthly Subscription: Each survey send will cost the same credits as a normal SMS. Response data is stored for as long as your subscription is live. Contact sales for pricing.


With Survey Logic, you can send respondents only to relevant survey questions or pages, based on their responses to previous questions.


Create, Send, and Redeem Full-Featured Mobile Tickets

From airline bookings to movie shows, mobile tickets have quickly replaced paper and become the most convenient option for today’s smartphone-equipped customers. Textlocal platform allows you to easily create full-featured mobile tickets and vouchers with unique coupon codes and QR/bar codes, send them via SMS and redeem them at entry gates and at points of sale (POS). Know more. Download detailed how-to guide.

Ticket types and use cases

  • Tickets: Give your customers one-time access to an event, movie, concert, or activity.
  • Vouchers: Give discount offers to increase footfall and boost sales. A powerful way to collect mobile numbers and generate leads e.g. Send a 20% discount coupon to the customer who responds to “SMS MYBIZOFFER to 9220592205 and get 20% OFF”
  • Loyalty cards: Track and reward multiple actions or purchases with SMS loyalty cards. Offer the fifth coffee free, or extend a discount after multiple visits to encourage repeat transactions.

How does it work?

  • Add coupon codes: Select default codes based on your recipient base, generate codes with a specific pattern, or upload your own codes
  • Create ticket page: Easily personalize and customize the ticket page using merge fields, images, branding and content. You can even design Wallet versions of your tickets. Each ticket comes with a unique code, with an optional barcode or QR code.
  • Set rules and notifications: Choose single/multiple use redemption, set an expiry date and configure other SMS/Email/URL actions on redemption.
  • Delivery mode: Send your ticket code and ticket link in an outbound text message or as an automatic response to inbound SMS.
  • Redemption: Enter the code in your Textlocal account, scan QR/bar codes using our mobile app, or redeem from any online system via API integration
  • Reports: See who redeemed at what time and send special messages to non-redeemers

Pricing Options

  • Pay-as-you-go: Each ticket send will cost 2x the credits required for a normal SMS and each redemption costs 0.5x credits. Limited to 2 concurrent tickets and displays "Powered by Textlocal" in the ticket.
  • Monthly Subscription: Each ticket send will cost the same credits as a normal SMS and redemption is free. Create unlimited concurrent tickets with no Textlocal branding (in the ticket). Contact sales for pricing - Get a free trial for 3 months!

Did you know that you can try out mobile ticketing feature free for 3 months? Sending or redeeming tickets will not cost any extra credits during the free trial period!

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Excellent experience with Textlocal's E-mail to SMS Gateway Service

Our experience with Textlocal's E-mail to SMS Gateway service has been very positive - all the way from evaluating the service (received very nice technical sales support to address our key requirements) to adoption (very simple & quick processes + very responsive team that helped us get started quickly) & usage- the service itself has been very reliable so far!!
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The services provided by Text Local is…

Easy to use and the SMS campaigns is done at a swift time. Batch Scheduling on a specific time has been functioning superb. Tracking of messages provide a great support to us in analyzing the outcomes. Overall a great experience !