Easily Manage and Respond to Incoming SMS Texts

Instantly reply back with automated SMS texts or forward messages to your email, URL or application

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Forward SMS replies to:

A mobile phone

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Manage Inbound SMS with Textlocal Inbox

Our mobile messaging service not only lets you receive SMS messages from customers, but also allows you to easily get back with automated SMS replies and manage them as your business dictates. Whether it is customer surveys, competitions, promotional messages or just general information, 2-way SMS messages are a perfect way to keep your customers up to date and provide with them with the right information.

Using Messenger Inbox, you will be able to access all incoming SMS messages, easily setup automated responses via SMS or email, and forward messages to your email, URL, application or mobile for further action and analysis. You can also export the customer data to add to your contact lists or CRM system. What's more, all these actions can be performed easily via Messenger UI and require no technical expertise.

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Love these guys!

- Their API service works perfectly - Their customer support picks up the phone and respond to our queries within less than 5 minutes *every single time* - The user interface of the product is simple and once again, just works. No useless and cluttered bells and whistles
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  • Setup automated responses
    • Setup SMS or email auto replies to include brochures and other attachments & links
    • Setup email to email auto reply if the incoming SMS has recipient's email address
    • Schedule auto replies to be sent after a specific period of time, offering flexibility
    • Use auto-replies to let customers know you are dealing with their enquiry
  • Manage incoming messages
    • Forward messages to your email, URL or application for FREE
    • Forward them to your own mobile (costs 1x credit per message)
    • Send them to any contact group (costs 1x credit per message)
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Multiple Ways to Manage SMS replies. The Power of Textlocal Inbox.

Textlocal stores all SMS messages from your customers and prospects in one place, neatly organizing them into relevant inboxes e.g. messages sent to your keyword on a shared short code are stored separately from messages sent to your dedicated long code. 

Every Textlocal Inbox come with the ability to perform actions upon receipt of a message. They come packed with features to help you manage and automate your data. Every inbox can:

Schedule automated replies

Compose an automated SMS response that is sent to every customer who texts into your inbox. What's more, you can include attachments and links and also, schedule responses after a certain time.

Forward to a URL

Automatically send all incoming messages to a URL, so that your software can receive the text message and act upon it. This is useful for integrating SMS with your website or CRM application.

Forward to a mobile

Automatically forward all received messages to your own mobile. It costs one credit to forward a message to your phone.

Forward to a group

Automatically forward received messages to a pre-selected Messenger group. This will cost one credit per message per recipient.

Email forwarding

Automatically forward all incoming messages to an email address (or multiple email addresses), for FREE. You can reply via email and we will send it as a text message.

Email auto-replies

If an email address is contained within an incoming SMS, you can setup an automated email response to the recipient at no extra cost. Send brochures and other attachments in your email message.

Two way SMS

Create as many inboxes as you want, each with their own keyword, so you can have multiple campaigns running on one dedicated long number.

Easily store contacts

We provide a private Textlocal Inbox that stores all your contact numbers. Alternatively, you can easily export them to your contacts list.

Pick up replies

Get our convenient Messenger app to view messages when you're on-the-go.