Maximize Returns On Your SMS Campaigns

With Textlocal SMS, you can go beyond simple text promotions and OTPs and achieve better results throughout the customer lifecycle - product discovery, purchase, engagement, feedback, and referrals.  Turn simple SMS messages into instantly actionable messages by including files, images, surveys, mobile forms, coupons, webpages and other CTAs in Textlocal SMS. Our real-time reports, including granular delivery status updates and click-through data, allow you to gain valuable insights into customer behavior and engagement effectiveness. 

Here are a few ways to maximize returns on your SMS campaigns.


Go beyond 160 characters with Textlocal SMS attachments

Do you find it daunting to promote your product or service in 160 characters? Convey more with Textlocal by easily attaching and sending images, flyers, menus, brochures, videos and more in your texts at no extra cost!

  • Bring email-like attachment functionality to your high engagement SMS campaigns.
  • Faster go-to-market. Don’t wait for IT to host your files or webpages.
  • Get granular click metrics. Track who opened and their device characteristics.
  • Create highly effective SMS campaigns by using click data from attachments as an indicator for customer engagement.

Measure campaign performance with Textlocal Shortlinks

Textlocal makes it effortless to insert any URL in your message and deliver it as a short link. Unlike other URL shorteners (e.g. Bitly), Textlocal shortlinks can be sent as unique trackable links to millions of recipients in your bulk campaigns.

  • Every character counts in an SMS. So, shortening your URL saves valuable space.
  • Get granular click metrics. Track who opened and their device characteristics.
  • Create highly effective SMS campaigns by using click data from shortlinks as an indicator for customer engagement.

Send better SMS campaigns using powerful Textlocal features

Go beyond plain bulk SMS. With Textlocal, you can now fully customize your SMS campaigns in minutes using our easy and powerful user interface. Know more.

  • Personalize your bulk SMS campaigns using merge fields (#FirstName#, #LastName#, #Custom1#...)
  • Include an easy opt-out path for your customers and avoid hurting brand reputation
  • Schedule sends for a specific time and date. Alternatively, you can stagger your sends to go out in specific intervals through the day!
  • Send messages in 20+ languages using our easy transliteration tool

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SMS has 8x higher response rates than email, so why not send your surveys and forms via SMS? Textlocal offers powerful tools to create and send professional surveys and forms within minutes. Learn more.

Product Updates

Magento SMS Extension

You can now easily integrate your ecommerce website using Textlocal Magento SMS extension. Send automated order confirmation alerts, shipping notifications, invoices and more directly from your website. Learn more.

Integrate Textlocal With Popular Applications Via Zapier

Textlocal has teamed up with Zapier to help you easily integrate our platform with over 500 apps including Google Docs, Salesforce, Facebook and Evernote. With a simple integration, you can create SMS triggers and actions via Zapier. E.g. Textlocal can send messages or create contacts based on triggers setup for various events in these applications. Contact us to know more about integrating Textlocal via Zapier.

How-to Guides

We have revamped our detailed how-to guides to include more helpful information. Check out the new guides here.