Mobile Messaging for Media & Entertainment

Prepping up an audience to build enthusiasm and enhance reach

Add another channel of marketing influence and audience participation with Textlocal SMS platform. Promote effectively to build your subscription base, easily run opinion polls and contests, garner votes for game and reality shows, send event invites and conduct many more such activities.


The Textlocal service and how it can benefit you

Problem Tag: Icon not found Drum up audience involvement

Don’t wait for the audience to call in to vote. Get them to pick winners on your FM/TV channel game shows and reality shows using inbound SMS to short or long codes. Run opinion polls too the same way.

Problem Tag: Icon not found Track and manage DTH subscriptions

Retain every single DTH customer by sending timely automated payment alerts, downtime notifications and renewal reminders by integrating Textlocal APIs with your CRM application or software.

Problem Tag: Icon not found Seamlessly manage ticket invites

Event ticketing has gotten a lot easier with Textlocal. You can now create and send ticket invites for your events via Textlocal and simply scan and redeem them at the venue using our mobile app.

Problem Tag: Icon not found Stir viewers into action and enhance participation

Make your shows more interactive by playing your viewers’ favorite songs, displaying their messages on TV, and getting them to interact with your anchors through inbound SMS to your short or long codes.

Problem Tag: Icon not found Expand online readership

Get faster response to online newspaper and magazine subscription expansion efforts by promoting your mobile apps via SMS along with a direct download link.

Problem Tag: Icon not found Attractive event promotions

Your audience is just an SMS away. Send posters and play details as SMS attachments via Textlocal platform and get crowds thronging your theaters.

Problem Tag: Icon not found Share documents with ad agencies

Build a faster connect with ad agencies and clients. Send them advertisement rate cards, media kits and TRP ratings using our SMS attachments.

Problem Tag: Icon not found Keep your crew informed in real time

Update your production crew members on-the-go regarding changes in venue, cast and schedule using Textlocal mobile app.

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Case studies from happy Textlocal customers