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Unable to send messages in the night

I am unable to send messages after 8:45 PM at night or before 9 AM in the morning. Why?

By default, you are configured a promotional account. As per TRAI regulations, promotional SMS can be delivered only from 9am to 9pm.

Transactional messages such as OTPs and order updates can be delivered 24x7. If you would like to send transactional SMS, contact your account manager or email us at to change your account to a transactional account. Please check if your messages can be qualified as transactional SMS here.

If your business SMS requirements need both promotional and transactional accounts, we can configure both the accounts free of cost for you.

Unable to send messages to DND numbers

I get an error ‘Blocked by DND filter’ when I try to send a message to my number. My messages are also not being delivered to some of my other contacts. How can I send messages to all the numbers, including the ones in DND category?

By default, you are configured a promotional account. As per TRAI regulations, promotional SMS cannot be delivered to numbers registered in the National Do-Not-Disturb (NDND) registry. Textlocal ensures you comply with TRAI regulations and automatically scrubs all the DND numbers from your recipients. You will not be charged any SMS credits for these numbers. You can check if a number is registered in DND here.

  • If you would like to send promotional SMS to your contacts with DND numbers, please ask them to explicitly opt-in via myDND manager.
  • Transactional messages such as OTPs and order alerts can be sent to all numbers, including the ones registered in DND. If your messages are transactional in nature, contact your account manager or email us at to change your account to a transactional account. Please check if your messages can be qualified as transactional SMS here.

If your business SMS requirements need both promotional and transactional accounts, we can configure both the accounts free of cost for you.

Test messages are getting delivered with a delay

I just signed up with Textlocal and sent a few test messages. It took almost 3-4 minutes to deliver some of the messages. How can I get better delivery speeds?

Textlocal provides best-in-class SMS delivery for both transactional SMS and promotional bulk SMS, thanks to our platinum operator connectivity. However, we manually monitor your first few messages for spam and this will likely result in a small delay. Our team continuously monitors your account activity and after a few checks, automatically removes this manual monitoring to ensure your messages are delivered instantly.

 If you would still like to test the delivery speed, we can temporarily remove manual moderation for your account. Please contact us at

 'Error Code 3: Invalid Login' while using Textlocal API

When I try to send SMS using Textlocal API, I receive an error message saying “Error code 3: Invalid login”. What am I doing wrong?

Error code 3: Invalid login is thrown when one of your login parameters is incorrect. The login parameters include ‘username’ and ‘hash’ or ‘apikey’. Here are a few quick checkpoints to identify the problem:

  • Incorrect URL? Please make sure you call and not
  • Incorrect ‘username’? Please check if you correctly entered your registered email ID of Textlocal in the ‘username’ field.
  • Incorrect ‘hash’? Every account will have a unique hash key. Your hash key will be available in your messenger under Help -> All Documentation -> Your hash key. Please ensure you entered this hash key accurately in the ‘hash’ parameter. Note that your hash key changes whenever your password changes. At the time of password change, stop your API calls, update your hash key once the change is done and then, restart the API calls.
  • Incorrect ‘apikey’? You can generate your API keys from Settings -> All Settings -> API keys. API keys can be restricted to a set of IP address. The API key entered in ‘apikey’ parameter should match one of the active API keys in your list and if that particular API key is restricted to a set of IPs, your machine/server/system IP should be in the IP set.
  • If the Textlocal API has been called multiple times with incorrect credentials, your account will be temporarily blocked to prevent any malicious exploitation. Please contact the support team to unblock your account.

If the error still persists, please contact

'Error code 80: Invalid Template' while using Textlocal API

I converted my account to Transactional and now, when I try to send an SMS using Textlocal API, I receive an error “Error code 80: Invalid Template”. How can I correct it?

From a transactional account, you can send only those messages that match one of your pre-approved templates. Please ensure that your messages match one of the approved template formats.

If you would like to add a new template to suit your SMS content, login to your account, select ‘Send -> Templates & Drafts’ and submit it for review. Once your template is approved, you can start sending messages based on that template. Get detailed information on how to add templates and send messages via API.

If your error still persists, please contact

Messages not getting delivered with the desired sender name

I want my messages to be delivered with my company name as the header. How can I set this in my Textlocal Messenger account? 


I want my messages to be delivered with my company name as the header. But, when I mention my company name as the ‘sender’ parameter in Textlocal API, the API response is “Error code 43: Invalid sender name”. What am I doing wrong?

By default, you are configured a promotional account. As per TRAI regulations, promotional SMS will delivered with a random 6-digit Sender ID assigned by the operator.

Transactional messages such as OTPs and order updates can be delivered with a 6-alpha character Sender ID of your choice. If you would like to send transactional SMS, contact your account manager or email us at to change your account to a transactional account. Please check if your messages can be qualified as transactional SMS here.

For Textlocal control panel users:

The option to choose and assign a Sender ID will be available on the Send screen once your account is upgraded to a transactional account.

For Textlocal API users:

This is an error response when incorrect value is passed on to ‘sender’ parameter.

  • If your account is promotional, please ensure the ‘sender’ parameter is mentioned only as TXTLCL – this will be changed to the random 6-digit Sender ID at the time of delivery. Changing this will lead to an error response.
  • If your account has been converted to transactional, you can use one of the pre-approved sender IDs which are already added in your account.

Unable to upload excel file while adding contacts

When I upload an excel file to a contact group in Messenger, I receive an error – ‘Nothing has been imported. Either there is no new data to import, or you have selected the wrong column headings.’ Where am I going wrong?

This error might be observed due to one of the following reasons:

  • Special characters or spaces in the mobile numbers column. Please clean the data and try uploading again.
  • If your excel file has additional merge fields (i.e. custom parameters along with mobile numbers), there might be a problem with the column headings. Ensure that the column with mobile numbers is correctly assigned the ‘number’ field.
  • If your excel file has column headings, please uncheck the header name from Textlocal Messenger before clicking on ‘import’ button.

 If the error still persists, reach out to us at

General Questions

What is SMS?

SMS stands for Short Message Service, and refers to the sending of short text messages from one device to another; in most cases from one mobile phone to another. The size of an SMS text message is restricted to 160 characters.

What is a Multipart / Concatenated SMS?

A standard text message is 160 characters long. If your message exceeds the limit, an alert is shown on the screen allowing to continue typing the message beyond the character limit. This message will count for 2 or more SMS Credits (depending on the length of your message) and you will be charged correspondingly. Special such as ~, ^, {, }, [, ], |, will constitute two characters.

Messenger allows you to send longer SMS of upto 918 characters which are split into smaller SMS and later joined at the receiving end which is a mobile. In this scenario, SMS length is calculated for 153 characters as 7 characters are used to concatenate the message when it is delivered to the handset. 

What is an SMS gateway?

An SMS gateway is the means through which a computer can send or receive SMS messages. Often allowing for the conversion and sending of other forms of media or message (such as email), SMS gateways will generally utilise the same mobile phone networks as the messages sent from mobile phones.

Are there any contracts or commitments with Messenger?

There are no contracts involved in running a Messenger account - it all works on a pay as you go basis, so you can send text messages with no hassle. If you purchase any inbound systems they have a minimum term of one month which is renewable.

Who can use Textlocal services?

Any Indian business, society or community group can use Textlocal to reach out to customers, staff or friends with SMS, instantly connecting to people where ever they are. With different levels of service, there's something to suit an organisation regardless of size. Textlocal offers unbeatable prices, with packages starting from Rs 270 for 1000 messages, there's also excellent support with passionate experts here to help.

How long does the service take to set up?

Your SMS marketing campaigns can be up and running within minutes.

Do I need a mobile phone?

You do not need a mobile phone to use messenger; messages are sent and received from Messenger. It is all web based so you do not need to download anything. All you need is an internet enabled PC, Mac or Tablet.

Can I purchase credits online in Textlocal? If yes, how?

Yes, you can purchase credits online in Textlocal. Please follow the steps listed below:

  1. Log in to your messenger
  2. Click on the Buy option available in the top right hand corner.
  3. This will take you to the Order page
  4. Select your desired SMS bundle from the drop down option and fill in the details.
  5. Click on Order Credits
  6. You will be redirected to our payment portal powered by CCavenue
  7. Choose the payment mode and complete the payment process
  8. The credits will be added into your account instantly.

How can I send SMS messages online?

It's essentially the same process that you would go through when sending an SMS on your phone, in this case it's just that you'd do it on your computer. With Textlocal Messenger, it's as simple as typing in your message, selecting the number you wish to send to, and pressing send. Job done.

How can I receive SMS messages online?

You will need to have a short code or a long code or a keyword to be able to receive SMS online. These are also called Virtual Mobile Numbers (VMNs). You can find more information on various options for receiving SMS here. All the messages sent to these short/long codes will be received in separate inboxes which can be accessed in your Textlocal account.

How much does it cost to send a message?

The cost depends on how many credits you want to buy; one credit equals one SMS message (i.e., 160 characters) and the credits last indefinitely. The cost of our credit bundles can be found on our prices page.

Will my credits expire?

Your credits will never expire.

How many characters can I send in a message?

You can send up to 918 characters in a message. Here, we refer to standard Latin symbols (ASCII) and not special or Unicode characters. Messenger displays clearly when composing your message as to how many characters you have used and how many credits your text will use up so you can edit the message accordingly.

What is length of an SMS and what is the relation between message length and credits?

The standard length of SMS is 160 characters in Latin symbols (ASCII). It also varies depending on the message type, especially if it is a Unicode message or if the message uses any special characters.

A message with up to 160 characters uses up one SMS credit. If the message is more than 160 characters, one credit is used up for 153 characters as the remaining 7 characters are used to concatenate the message when it is delivered to the handset. So, one SMS credit is used up for a maximum of 160 characters, 2 credits are used up for 161-306 characters (=153*2) and so on. You can send messages up to 918 characters and this long message will use up six SMS credits (918 = 153*6).

How long does it take for Textlocal team to convert my account to Transactional?

Once you upload all the required documents duly signed, Textlocal support team will convert your account to transactional within 12 business hours. As soon as your account is converted, you will receive a notification over email from our support team.

Can I have more than one sender ID approved for my transactional account? Are there any additional charges?

You can have multiple sender IDs approved in your transactional account and there is no additional charge for this. We only need a signed consent letter printed on your company letterhead clearly mentioning the sender ID to get it approved from the operator.

I have received a confirmation from Textlocal support team that my account has been converted to transactional. What should I do next?

Once your account has been converted to transactional – the first thing you need to do is create your SMS templates. Once you add your template, our support team will check the content and approve the template. Remember transactional route is template restricted, hence you will only be allowed to send messages which match your approved templates. To know more about how to create templates, please refer our step-by-step template guide.

How long does it take for the Textlocal support team to approve the templates?

Templates are approved within 2 business hours during Monday – Saturday (9 AM – 6 PM) except on national holidays and major festivals. Having said that, if you need your templates to be approved urgently – you can always mail us at

I have a transactional account with Textlocal. Now I want to do promotional campaigns for my product launch. Do I have to create a new account and purchase credits again?

No, you don’t have to purchase credits again for promotional messaging. We can create a promotional sub-account for you with one shared credit pool. So essentially it will be a separate account but you can transfer the credits from your existing transactional account only. To set this service up, we need one additional email ID which will be the registered username of your new account. There is NO additional cost involved in this whole process.

Can I send SMS in Regional Languages?

Yes, Textlocal supports Unicode messages which will enable you to send SMS in Indian languages. Our transliteration tool will help you easily and quickly draft texts in local languages. On messenger we support most of the popular languages in India which include: Assamese, Bengali, Bodo, Dogri, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Konkani, Maithili, Malayalam, Manipuri, Marathi, Nepali, Oriya, Punjabi, Sanskrit, Santali, Sindhi, Tamil, Telugu

What is a Unicode message and why is it used?

Standard SMS sent using the GSM 3.38 character set allows the sending of 160 characters for a single message, and multiples of 153 for longer messages. The character set only allows those characters to be sent, and anything outside of it is changed – for instance í (that’s i-acute) gets changed to an i.

Unicode allows the support of a much wider character set, and actually includes pretty much every character in the world, including Indian languages, some of the stranger European characters (like í), all the Cyrillic alphabets (e.g. Arabic, Russia, Punjabi and Greek), all the Asian ones (Chinese, Japanese etc), and also some of the emoticons out there! Basically, every single character you can think of.

An example Hindi Unicode message is: अब टेक्स्टलोकल से आप अपनी भाषा में आसानी से सन्देश भेज सकते हैं!

What are the differences between Unicode and GSM?

Firstly, the standard length of a Unicode message is 70 characters (compared to 160 for GSM). Long messages are supported for Unicode messages as well, and they are in multiples of 64 (compared to 153 for GSM). So a double length Unicode message can be up to 134 characters, triple 198, quadruple 262, etc.

Messages are priced the same way i.e., 1 credit is used up for 1 message (up to 70 Unicode characters), 2 credits are used up for double-length Unicode message (up to 134 characters) and so on.

Why are my messages using up two credits?

A message will use over one credit if you do either of the following:

  • You are using over 160 characters per message.
  • You are using over 70 characters in a Unicode message
  • You have merged data into your message which is increasing the characters.

I have sent a message to some numbers. How do I check if the message has been delivered?

Textlocal provides real time delivery reports of the all the messages sent. You can access the status of each message in the Reports section in Messenger. The report is further divided by channels (Group message, single message, API, email 2 SMS). Depending on the channel used to send messages, you can check the reports in the respective section. Here is a quick reference of the report status and few possible reasons.

Status Description
Delivered Message is delivered
Expired Out of coverage area, Switched off, Insufficient Memory, Tower station Failure, No routing info available from HLR
Undelivered  Absent Subscriber, Memory Capacity Exceeded, Mobile Equipment Error, Network Error, Barring, NDNC Failed
Pushed Pending at the operator's end (out of coverage area, inbox is full, handset is switched off…)

Does Textlocal provide data?

We do not provide data, however we do offer short codes and long codes which are extremely effective in collecting opt-in numbers from your customers and can be used alongside any text marketing activity.

How secure is my data?

Your data is completely safe. Textlocal does not share or pass on any of your data, including the mobile numbers you upload. Your data will only be used for your SMS marketing. For further information see our SLA. Textlocal provide a secure 128-bit encrypted service which is equivalent to online banking security.

Can I import data into my Messenger?

You can import mobile numbers from an excel sheet or a CSV file. You can upload your mobile numbers along with five fields of information with just a few clicks of a button. You can also enter your numbers individually or by copying and pasting if you have smaller volumes.

Can I merge data into my messages? (Or) Can I personalize my message?

Yes, you can easily merge custom data and personalize your message by having custom fields for each contact. You can input these custom fields manually or you can include these custom fields against each number in an excel spreadsheet and upload it. While composing the message, just click on 'Insert merge fields' and select the custom field in all the places where you want to personalize. Textlocal will automatically sends out personalized messages with custom fields to all your contacts.

How to send bulk SMS to all the contacts in my mobile phone through Textlocal mobile app?

While sending a message, you can select a single contact or multiple contacts from your mobile contacts. You just have to select 'A Phone Contact' and select the contacts one by one. Alternatively, you can import the phone contacts to form a contact group within Textlocal Messenger. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Login to our mobile app
  2. Go to Your contact groups
  3. From the tools section click on import from phone
  4. Select the group and then select all your mobile contacts
  5. Click on Next and all the selected contacts will be imported to that particular group.
  6. Select the group, type your message and click on send.

What is an API hash key? Where do I find my API hash?

API Hash key is the encrypted form of your password. This is unique for every user in Textlocal. You will need to pass the correct hash key to integrate your application with our API.

The unique API key for your account will be available in the messenger under Help->All Documentation -> Your hash key

Note: Changing password will change your hash key. So do not forget to update the new hash key in your API code.

I am having a reseller whitelabelled account with Textlocal. Where do I find the API hash keys for my sub accounts?

Since you are a whitelabelled reseller, your sub accounts will not have the help section to check their API hash. However you can check the unique hash keys for all your users from Settings -> Reseller Settings -> User Accounts.

Can I send messages outside India?

You cannot send messages to mobile numbers registered outside India.

However, messages can still be delivered to mobile numbers registered in India, even when the subscriber is on international roaming.

Can people text in to my Short Code from outside India?

Only subscribers registered with Indian mobile networks can send texts to Indian short codes.

Our Dedicated Inbound Numbers (DINs or long codes), however, can receive texts from any mobile numbers – Indian or international. The cost to the sender will be their standard network rate.

Can people text in to my long code from outside India?

Subscribers registered on any network (international or Indian) can text in to a DIN / long code, since a DIN / long code uses the country code.

However, a short code is local to the country in which it is issued and only phones registered within that country’s network can text into it.

How are my customers charged for texting in to my short codes and long codes?

In India, a premium rate of Rs. 3 is charged for sending SMS to a short code and its extensions (5-9 digits).

SMS to a long code (10 digit number) is treated as a standard P2P SMS and the end customer is charged as per his/her SMS plan.

Why do numbers look like 4.47741E+12 when I export to Excel?

This is because Excel thinks your mobile number is a long number so has converted it into scientific notation. To fix this click on the column header, click Format Cells->As Number->0 decimal places.

How long do messages stay in my inbox for?

Inbound messages are stored forever in your Textlocal Messenger account. You can easily export these to an excel file for your own records.

Can the sender name be my business name, rather than a random number?

Yes. If you have a transactional account, you can request for a Sender ID of your choice at no extra cost. The Sender ID must be 6 character long with all Latin alphabets. Sender IDs are a great way to enhance awareness of your business and conduct professional communication.

Promotional messages are sent from a 6-character long, numeric Sender ID that’s randomly generated and assigned by telecom operators.

You can read about all the differences between promotional and transactional SMS here.

How can customers reply to my messages?

Your customers cannot directly reply to your Promotional/Transactional SMS as they are sent from a Sender ID. However, you can embed your inbox information (Keyword + short code / long code) in your messages and your customers can use these to reach out to you.

Can I schedule messages to be sent at a later date?

Yes, it's easy to schedule your messages for delivery at a later date & time. Choose to schedule them to be sent only after specific times and dates. You can also set an end date for your message to expire, to prevent it from being sent out after a specified date. Staggering messages is also possible; to allow time to handle responses instead of being overwhelmed by many all in one go. If you need to change the time and date of the scheduled SMS, you can do so via the reports section of Messenger.

What business sectors can benefit from mobile marketing?

SMS is a universal tool. Whether being used purely for sales and marketing or for transactional alerts, SMS can fit into any application and sector. Please refer to our case studies for more information.

Does the size of my business affect the success of SMS?

No, smaller campaigns work as well as the larger campaigns, as long as you have an opt-in database of your contacts and you send relevant messaging to them.

How can local businesses get greater benefits from SMS marketing?

Local businesses can benefit from being able to instantly communicate to hundreds or thousands of people about your latest offers & promotions. Messages are instantly delivered typically within 5 seconds and read by 95% of those customers within the first 5 seconds. That’s guaranteed communication within 10 seconds of sending a message!


Send Bulk SMS

How does bulk SMS messaging work?

Bulk SMS messaging works in exactly the same way as sending a text message online (as detailed in the previous entry), except on a larger scale. Rather than sending a message to one recipient, you would send your SMS message to a group of recipients utilising the functionality of a bulk SMS service, like our proprietary Textlocal Messenger service.

How do I send bulk SMS messages for my business?

Our system is extremely easy to use. Once you have amassed a list of customer phone numbers, they are uploaded to your Textlocal Messenger account. The next step is to obtain consent, from the owners of those numbers, to receive additional communications from your business. Once customers have begun to opt in to receive messages, and you have purchased a message bundle from us, simply login to your Textlocal Messenger account, enter a message, and select the individual customers, or customer groups that you want to receive the message. Click send, and you're done!

How can businesses buy bulk SMS messages?

Simple, sign up for an account for your business with Textlocal Messenger and either directly buy message bundles from your account or request an invoice directly from us.

How much does bulk SMS cost?

We have gone to great lengths to ensure that our service presents superb value for money to our customers; as such, our service and software are free, you simply pay for the texts that you send.

For extra convenience, we sell our messages in bundles; the smaller bundles offer a price of Rs 0.28 per text. However, the bigger the bundle, the better the value; if you were to purchase a 250,000 message bundle (for Rs 41,250), you'd be charged a rate of 16.5p per message. Don't forget, we'll match or beat any competitor's price.

For sales enquiry, please call us on 040 30858603 or email us at and we will get back to you.

How long does it take to send sms in bulk?

There is no set time of how long it takes to send bulk SMS messages, you set the sending activity to send immediately or schedule it to be sent at a later point in time.

Are there SMS packages for bulk text that reduce my costs?

Yes there are, the more messages you buy the cheaper it gets. To see a list of our bulk SMS prices, please click here.

What support do I get for creating and running my bulk marketing campaigns?

Using our award winning Messenger 3.0 Platform sending messages is a breeze, however if you would like help managing or sending your bulk SMS campaigns, then please consider using our Agency Services or contact our friendly support team for help.

Can I integrate the Textlocal Bulk SMS gateway into my application?

Yes, our SMS gateway can be used reliably from any email software, server or CRM application. Access to the gateway is free and allows the user to send an SMS to an unlimited number of recipients. Simply sign up for a free Messenger account, enable SMS to your account and send the messages as emails to Full information can be found here.

Can I sign up for a free trial?

You can sign up for a free trial in just 30 seconds, with no credit card required. Simply enter your email address to get started and get 10 free texts. Our platform is free to sign up and if you decide you like us after the free trial, you just pay for the texts you send.

TRAI Regulations

What is DND?

DND is a national ‘Do Not Disturb’ registry put into effect by TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) to effectively regulate unsolicited commercial calls and messages. Telecom subscribers who do not wish to receive any promotional messages or calls can register to DND. The registration will be effective within 7 days of placing the request with the service provider.

Note: Transactional messages can be sent even if the subscriber is registered to DND. These messages are solicited by the end user and do not contain any promotion, advertising or marketing information.

What are TRAI’s “Telecom Commercial Communication Customer Preference Regulations”?

Low tariffs and direct reach to consumers has made SMS one of the most cost effective ways of selling services and products. However, telemarketing has brought with it serious issues of invasion of privacy and has become a major irritant to customers. To regulate unsolicited commercial calls and messages, TRAI has notified "The Telecom Commercial Communication Customer Preference Regulations, 2010". All the provisions of regulations came into effect from 27th September, 2011.

The complete guidelines can be accessed in the TRAI portal

We, at Textlocal, take subscribers’ privacy preferences very seriously. We enforce the prescribed regulatory guidelines across our platform to ensure all criteria are met throughout the customer lifecycle starting with account setup to daily ongoing operations. Our dedicated service, support team along with our account managers ensure timely approvals of appropriate messaging content, without affecting your communication needs.

What is meant by commercial communication?

“Commercial Communication” means any message, voice or SMS, made through telecommunications service, which is transmitted for the purpose of informing about, or soliciting or promoting any commercial transaction in relation to goods, investment or services.

What is Unsolicited Commercial Communication (UCC)?

Any commercial communication which a subscriber opts not to receive except:

  1. Any transactional message; or
  2. Any message transmitted on the directions of central government or state government or agencies authorized by it.

What is the National Customer Preference Register (NCPR)?

National Customer Preference Register is a national data base containing a list of the telephone numbers of all subscribers who have registered their preferences regarding receipt of commercial

What is the difference between Promotional SMS and Transactional SMS?

TRAI has notified "The Telecom Commercial Communication Customer Preference Regulations, 2010" classifying text messages as per the intent or nature of content within the text messages as summarized below:

Promotional Messages:

  • Messages which are sent with the objective of promoting products or services are considered as promotional messages
  • This category includes all sales and marketing messages which may or may not be desired by the recipient
  • These messages do not get delivered to DND (Do Not Disturb) registered numbers 
  • Promotional messages can be sent only from 9am to 9pm
  • Promotional messages are assigned a random numeric sender ID

Transactional Messages:

  • Messages which communicate details about a direct transaction done by your customers on a service or product and are solicited by the end user or customer
  • Service messages like bank alerts, railway/airline/bus ticket booking or reservations details
  • Information sent by e-commerce agencies in response to e-commerce transactions made by their customers
  • There is no time constraint in sending transactional messages
  • Transactional messages can only be sent from accounts set as transactional accounts which are assigned pre-screened ‘sender names’. The ‘sender name’ is of 6-characters with all Latin alphabets.

Note: Please get your account upgraded if your communication needs are transactional in nature. Please write to us at or call us at 040-30858602 or text TRANS to 92205 92205 to get a call back from us and we will guide you through the process.

However, you will need to be a registered business to be able to send transactional messages with a Sender ID.

What is fully blocked category and partially blocked category?

Subscribers who have registered with the national DND registry to not receive any Promotional / commercial SMS belong to a fully blocked category.

Subscribers who have registered with the national DND registry to not receive commercial SMS, except from any one or more of the below categories belong to a partially blocked category. Mobile subscribers can register with NDNC opting in to receive Promotional messages in one or more of the following categories:

  • Banking / Insurance / Financial products / credit cards
  • Real Estate
  • Education
  • Health
  • Consumer goods and automobiles
  • Communication/Broadcasting/Entertainment/IT
  • Tourism and Leisure

What is the procedure for my customers (subscribers) to register in NCPR?

You customers can register their preference(s) in NCPR by dialing 1909 or by sending SMS to 1909. For detailed procedure visit the TRAI's NCCP website

Do I need to submit any documents for sending Bulk SMS using Textlocal?

No, documents are not required for sending Promotional messages. You can sign up for your free account today and start sending messages.

If you need help at any stage, please write to us at or call us at 040-30858602 and we will guide you through the process.

Do I need to filter DND registered numbers before sending messages?

No, Textlocal messenger does this for you. Our online DND scrubbing mechanism removes all DND registered subscribers in the background depending on your account type (Promotional or Transactional) and the nature of communication. We also account for subscribers registered with the DND registry under partially blocked categories and those subscribers will continue to receive messages in their opted-in categories.

Can I send Promotional messages to subscribers registered in DND who opted in to receive messages from a particular category?

Yes, if the subscribers in your target group have opted in to receive messages from the same partially blocked category as your business, messages are processed for delivery to these subscribers.

Can I send messages throughout the day?

As per TRAI’s TCCCP regulation, Promotional messages can be sent only from 9am to 9pm. Messages sent outside this time window will fail.

However, if you have a transactional account, you can send messages at any time of the day. Please note that these messages need to be transactional in nature. 

What happens when a customer complains when she receives a Transactional SMS?

We suggest you to maintain an opt-in database of your end customers and send transactional SMS only to them. To nullify the complaint raised by your customer, an explicit opt-in proof must be provided.

Can I schedule and send campaigns to my subscribers when a DND violation is under process?

No, your account will be blocked till the DND complaint is nullified. This is to ensure that the same subscriber or other subscribers do not receive any other unsolicited communication from you.

How do I request for a Transactional account?

Customers who wish to send end-user-solicited, Transactional messages can request for a Transactional Account.

Please write to us at or call us at 040-30858602 or text TRANS to 92205 92205 to get a call back from us and we will guide you through the process.

As part of the process, you need to send below signed scanned documents which will be shared with you when you contact us –

  • Undertaking of Indemnity of TRAI compliance
  • Letter of consent

As part of the Transactional account setup process, you also need to get your Sender ID and message templates approved – you can directly request for these from your Textlocal Messenger account.

Are there any restrictions on my Transactional account?

A Transactional account allows you to send Transactional messages to any mobile phone at any time of the day. Further, these messages are sent from a Sender ID of your choice to make the communication more professional and easily identifiable.

To comply with the TRAI’s TCCCP regulation we allow you to send Transactional SMS only through pre-approved SMS templates. You can request for new template at any point of time directly from your Textlocal Messenger account.


Do additional regulatory rules apply to setup an account to send stock market or trading alerts?

As per the direction from TRAI, Textlocal customers who wish to send stock market and trading alerts are required to register with SEBI / IRDA / AMFI / NCDEX / MCX. The respective registration document should be provided to us after you sign up with Textlocal. The applicable TRAI mandate can be accessed here.

SMS Attachments

What is an attachment?

An attachment is an additional file you can send as a link in a text message.

How do I attach a document to an SMS message?

Within the Messenger interface, select the file that you wish to attach in the same way that you would when composing an email. Messenger will convert the file into an easily accessible link within the body of the text message. The file will be hosted securely on our servers. If the document that you wish to attach is smaller than 10MB in file size, you're good to go. So attaching a file to an SMS message is not only easy, but requires zero IT infrastructure on your end.

When on the 'Send SMS' screen, click to include attachment and we will host it online for you and add the short link in your text message.

How much does it cost to send an attachment?

There is no extra cost to include in attachment to your text message

What is the maximum file size I can attach?


Will the end user be charged to download the attachment?

The end user incurs no cost to access files hosted on Textlocal, apart from the usual data charges paid towards the telecom operators.

What are the different supported file types for an attachment?

We support over 35 popular file formats including - AVI, BMP, CSV, DOC, DOCX, DOTX, GIF, JPG, MIDI, MPEG, MOV, MP3, MP4, OGG, PDF, PNG, POTX, PPSX, PPT, PPTX, QT, RA, RAM, TRF, SLDX, SVG, SWF, TIFF, TSV, TXT, VCF, WAV, XLAM, XLS, XLSB, XLSX & XLTX

Will I know who has clicked my attachments?

Yes, you can track the short link which is sent as an attachment. All the results are tracked and updated real time including mobile number, date/time, mobile device, mobile browser and custom fields.

Receive SMS

Can I receive replies?

Yes you can. You can use your free inbox to receive replies, or setup a new inbox by purchasing a reply number of your choice. A reply number is categorized by the length of the reply number which may be a short code (reply numbers with 6 to 9 digit number extensions on 56263) or a 10 digit virtual mobile number (VMN / DIN). You may setup as many keyword – inboxes as you wish with dedicated reply numbers, where as a shared reply number allows you to setup one inbox on the keyword you have choosen.

How can I receive text messages online?

Using an inbound text number or short code, you can receive text messages from your customers at no extra cost. It's free for you to receive the message and only costs the customer their standard network cost. All messages will appear in your Messenger account, so simply log in and view at your leisure. You can also choose to automatically forward all inbound messages to you via email for free.

Short codes will only work from handsets registered in the same country as the code, as there is no country code on the number. Our 56263 short code and its extensions work only in India. There are additional options to personalise keywords and Short Codes For more info on Short Codes, see the page on receiving SMS.

How do I see my received messages?

All the messages you receive online will appear in your Textlocal Messenger inbox. This inbox works just like your email inbox.

What is the cost of receiving replies?

It costs you absolutely nothing to receive a reply however the sender will be charged at their standard network rate.

What is a keyword?

A keyword is a requirement when using any kind of shared number. The message must start with the keyword so the Textlocal system can direct the message to relevant person's inbox. Try and keep your keyword as simple as possible to avoid mistakes.

What is a mobile marketing short code?

A short code is essentially an abbreviated phone number, and in the context of mobile marketing, these allow for consumers who have received a marketing message to easily respond. As well as allowing for easier responses from consumers, the short code system often makes it much easier for an automated mobile marketing programme, like ours, to handle the consumer's reply.

For example, if you were looking to increase the number of recipients of your marketing messages, you could send out a group email with the message “To opt-in to receive further marketing communications send 'OPT-IN' to 00000”. In this instance, '00000' is the short code number, which would direct the message to our servers. Upon reading the keyword 'OPT-IN', our software will automatically sort the number that sent the message into your business' opt-in database. This is just one example of the utility of short codes in mobile marketing, but it succinctly illustrates their potential.

Textlocal owns the short codes 56263 and all its extensions in India.

Does a Dedicated Inbound Number need a keyword?

No one other than you uses your Dedicated Inbound Number so no keyword is required, although you can create keywords within your Messenger for various SMS marketing campaigns if you wish.

Can I receive text messages as an email?

All inbound message sent to Messenger will be automatically forwarded to you via email. You can select up to 20 email addresses for the messages to be forwarded to each live inbox. This is free.

Can you forward a message I receive to my number?

Of course, we can automatically forward inbound messages to your handset. This costs 1 message credit.

SMS API Integration

What is an API?

An API allows the automatic sending of text messages e.g. car insurance renewal reminder texts. Textlocal API is shared for free of cost which can be integrated with your system to send real time text messages to your customers. Messages can be triggered event based, time based and can be user initiated.

How long does it take to set up?

It only takes 15 minutes to be up and running. See our Developers page to see example documentation and code examples.

How much does it cost to use the API?

The API is FREE to use. You just need to pay for the credits to send the messages.

What is a text marketing API?

API stands for Application Programming Interface. In essence, an API allows for easy communication between two pieces of software; acting as a translator or go-between. In the context of text marketing, an API translates the information that you enter into a text marketing programme into a format appropriate for sending over a mobile phone network, or vice versa.

Email to SMS

What is Email to SMS?

Email to SMS is a built in feature of Messenger which allows you to send and receive SMS from your Email application.

How can I send SMS messages from an email service?

Utilise our email to SMS gateway; it's exceptionally easy to use. Once you or your business have an account on Textlocal Messenger, simply enable the email to SMS functionality, and address an email to the phone number of the customer that you wish to contact (i.e. Press send, and you're sorted.

How do I set up Email to SMS?

You can set up your email address, sender names, message length and security in the Email to SMS settings within your settings tab.

What email programme do I need?

Email to SMS works with any email program.

How do I send an Email to SMS?

Simply send an email to from your registered Textlocal accounts address. To send from other addresses simply add them as aliases on your Settings->Email to SMS settings page.

How do I stop my email signature being included?

To indicate the end of your message simply include ## and any text following this will not be included.

How much does Email to SMS cost?

Email to SMS costs the same as sending SMS from your Messenger.

Who does the message appear to come from?

You can select what you want the sender name to be by entering this in the subject field in this format: sender=YOURNAME. This is optional; if you choose to not enter anything in here your default sender name will be used.

What address do I send the email to when sending to a group?

Each group created in your Messenger has a group ID which can be found in your reports section and then Advanced Reports. To send email to SMS to this group use the address format:

What address do I send the email to when sending to a single contact?

Use the format you can add as many single contacts as you wish by adding to the 'to' and 'cc' fields and also within the body of the email.

Opt-ins & Opt-outs

Can people opt-out of my SMS Marketing messages?

Yes, people can opt out of your text marketing. Messenger offers multiple ways for your customer to opt-out from receiving any communication from you. You can easily embed any of the following in your text messages:

  1. By texting your free keyword followed by the word STOP to your shared inbound number that we give you. E.g. if your free inbox keyword was k7db3f, your customers can send  k7db3fSTOP to opt-out of all communication from you.
  2. By texting in the word STOP to your Dedicated Inbound Number. If you have purchased a dedicated number from Textlocal (Either a short code / long code) your customers can easily opt-out of all communication from you by texting the word STOP to any of your dedicated numbers.
  3. By texting your keyword followed by STOP to your shared short code or long number. You can simply instruct your customers to text the word stop after the keyword at no additional cost.
  4. If you do not require an inbound system, then we can provide you with a specialised opt-out short code for a fixed fee for a year or you can use the free, randomly generated keyword on 92205 92205 that is given to you when you open the account.

When one of your users chooses to opt-out of your SMS marketing, their phone number will be automatically removed from all your contact lists and added to your opt-out list. You can view & manage your opt-out list from the contacts > Opt-outs menu in your messenger account. This opt-out list can be exported for further use. Messenger will block any messages being sent to these numbers from your account again until the sender chooses to opt back in. If you upload any number in the opt-out list to your contact manager, the system will remove it for you.

What is myDND Manager?

myDND manager is an opt-in solution offered by Textlocal where subscribers themselves can opt to receive the messages from a particular company/entity. This opt-in can be considered as consent from the subscriber that he/she is willing to receive your messages and therefore, messages to this opt-in list will bypass the DND scrubbing.

How does myDND Manager work?

myDND manager provides an explicit opt-in path for your customers to subscribe to easily for receiving messages from you. The opt-in group properties are seamlessly applied across messenger. Wheter you send your next message via our messenger UI, API or our android / iOS app your messages will always reach your opted in customers.

As part of the myDND manager activation process you can choose a dedicated keyword of your choice which is configured on our long code 92932 92932. Customers wishing to receive your SMS will need to send the keyword to the long code for opting into the service.

To opt in, subscriber must send START to 92932 92932

To opt out, subscriber must send STOP to 92932 92932

We offer myDND manager on dedicated short codes and long codes as well. Please contact us for more details.

What is the validity of ‘subscriber opt-ins’ on myDND manager service?

The validity of an opt-in is 6 months (180 days) from the date subscriber sends in the opt-in START message. To continue to stay opted-in the subscriber will need to renew their preference once every 6 months. Timely reminders are sent to opted-in users requesting them to renew preference appropriately. Any subscriber who has not renewed her preference will be removed from the opt-in list.

Can I send messages to subscribers if they do not renew their opt-in preference?

Once a subscriber moves out of myDND manager subscription list, they will be treated as any regular number with each number filtered against the national DND list and processed as per the DND preference.

However the subscriber can opt-in at any point in time by sending the opt-in message to be included in the subscription list again.

What is the validity of myDND manager service?

myDND manager is valid till your Textlocal account is active.

Mobile Web Pages

What is a Mobile Web Page?

A mobile web page/ site is designed especially for the smaller screens of mobile phones. It will improve the customer experience for people visiting your page/ site on their mobile handsets.

Can I create a Mobile Web Page myself?

Yes, using the free Mobile Web Page creation tool in Messenger.

How do I send a Mobile Web Page?

You can send a link to your mobile page via SMS.

Do I have to have multiple pages?

No, you can create single pages. For example you could take an existing customer email campaign and turn it into a Mobile Web Page.

Can you create a Mobile Web Page for me?

Textlocal can create these for you, cost efficiently. Contact us for a quote.

Tickets, Vouchers, Loyalty cards

What is the difference between a voucher, a ticket and a loyalty card?

Tickets and vouchers are for one time use only. Once the unique code has been redeemed, it cannot be redeemed again.

A loyalty card can be used multiple times; you set the rules for how many times it can be redeemed and what actions sit behind each scan.

My business doesn't have a need to offer 'tickets', is there anything else that I can use this feature for?

Yes, these are unique codes that can be used for any kind of redemption. A unique code or bar code could be used for entry into an event or venue, to claim a discount on a purchase, one-time access to an online account or a unique pin number.

What will my mobile voucher, ticket or loyalty card look like?

You design this as part of the tool in your Messenger account. It's a mobile optimised page, you add images or logo's, colours, text, bar codes and/ or QR codes, plus any links or mail merge features.

How do I send it to my customers?

Your voucher, ticket or loyalty card is sent to your customers as a link in a text message. This can be sent directly to them or as an auto response to a short code keyword.

Do I have to create my own unique codes?

Messenger can assign unique codes to all your customers or you can upload your own unique codes if you have them.

How do my customers redeem their code?

Codes can be redeemed by either scanning the bar code or QR codes with the Textlocal app which will marry with the rules set in place in your Messenger account, or you can manually enter the code into your Messenger account or integrate it with your EPoS system.

What is Passbook?

Passbook is a built in app on all iPhones, while PassWallet is the Android alternative. It saves all mobile tickets, boarding passes, vouchers and card in one place. You can include a Passbook/ PassWallet feature in every ticket, voucher or loyalty card you create.

Do I have to include Passbook?

It's optional, but costs no extra and gives your contacts an additional way to redeem their ticket voucher or loyalty card.

What if my customers don't have a smart phone?

You can include the unique code for that contact in the body of the text message so they can still access the code even if they can't click through to a mobile page. You don't have to include a mobile page.

Can I integrate this with my EPoS/online store?

Yes, full integration is possible so tickets, vouchers and loyalty cards can be redeemed through your till system.

Will I be able to access results of who has and hasn't redeemed?

Yes, all results are displayed in your reports and you can also download them as a CSV file. You can separately download the data for anyone who hasn't redeemed their code yet and target them with a reminder text message.

Can I include anything else in my mobile ticket/voucher/loyalty card?

You can include any normal mail merge fields and trackable links in the text message itself or on the mobile ticket, voucher or loyalty card.

Do I set the rules for my loyalty card?

Yes, you set how many times it can be redeemed and what alerts are set after each scan, so you know what rewards are due and when.

Are the unique codes open to abuse? Can they be used more than once?

The unique codes we set for one time use are fool proof and cannot be redeemed more than once. If attempted, an error message will occur and then redemption will be declined.

My business runs offers for short periods of time, can I put a start and end date on the vouchers I send out?

Yes, you can set the expiry date and an expiry message on the first set up screen. Once you've completed the entire set up you choose when you want to push the ticket, voucher or loyalty card live.

Surveys & Forms

What is a mobile survey?

It is an online data capture form which is designed especially for the screen of a mobile phone.

I don't need to send feedback surveys, what else can my business use this tool for?

The tool can be used to create any kind of data capture form. This can be application forms, registration forms, questionnaires, booking forms and much more.

How much does it cost to send a mobile survey?

There are two different pricing options available. The pay-as-you-go option will cost 2 credits for every survey sent within 160 characters. The survey results are stored for 3 months from the send date. There is no other cost involved. Alternatively, you can go for a monthly contract, wherein you can send as many surveys as you like at the same cost of an SMS. The survey results are stored for as long as the contract is live. For more details on contract pricing, contact sales.

How do I send the survey to my customers?

The survey is sent via a link in a text message. On your send page, while composing your message you can add a survey link into the message by clicking on the survey icon.

Can I brand my mobile form?

Yes, you can insert images to your form, including your logo.

Can a mobile survey or form be viewed on any kind of mobile phone?

A mobile survey can be accessed from any internet enabled phone.

How will I get the responses to my survey?

Responses are collected in Messenger. They will be displayed in charts to easily digest the information and available for export to Excel.

Prices and Purchasing

Is Messenger really free to use?

Yes, you simply purchase bulk SMS bundles and send messages to your customers on the go. Apart from this, platform maintenance and training will also be provided for free.

What additional taxes are applicable to me?

All prices on the website exclude tax of 18%, which will be applicable on every purchase.

How can I buy credits?

You can purchase bundles of credits up to 1 million credits online with a credit or debit card. Alternatively, we can invoice you for 25,000 credits or more which you can pay by bank transfer or cheque or DD. The credits will be added upon receipt of payment.

How do I buy a Dedicated Inbound Number or a Short Code?

Any inbound number can be purchased via the Inbox section in Messenger. Click 'Create a new inbox' to proceed.

Am I tied into any contracts?

No, you only pay for the amount of credits you need and inboxes for as long as you require them for.