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Create Your Mobile Ticket, Voucher or Loyalty Card

Choose what kind of ticket you wish to send . . .

Ticket graphic Discount promotional box Ticket stub graphic Ticket stub graphic

Send a ticket to a group of your customers.
e.g. Cinema tickets or 2 for 1 Voucher.

Orange tick illustration Orange tick illustration Orange tick illustration Orange tick illustration Orange tick illustration Orange tick illustration Example customer loyalty card

Allow your customers to text in and receive a ticket.
e.g. Loyalty cards.

Choose whether you want to send tickets to a group of customers in one go . . . or allow them to request one.

Building with Your Business written in it
iPhone outline graphic iPhone silhouette iPhone outline graphic iPhone silhouette
Paper Aeroplane graphic Paper Aeroplane graphic Paper Aeroplane graphic Paper Aeroplane graphic

. . . or allow them to request one.

Building with Your Business written in it iPhone outline graphic Paper Aeroplane graphic Paper Aeroplane graphic

Each ticket needs to contain a unique code.

Upload your own codes.

Yellow box with code written inside

Allow Textlocal to create them for you.

Boxes of code
A box of code Bertie the text machine Rubber band shadow Rubber band shadow Fly wheel holder Fly wheel shadow Fly wheel holder Fly wheel shadow Rubber band Rubber band Fly wheel Fly wheel Pin Conveyor belt roller Conveyor belt roller

Sending Your Ticket

How the ticket is delivered to your customer.

 Example text message on iPhone screen

Customer receives a link to their ticket page via text message.

 Apple Passbook example iPhone screen

Web page displays the ticket with optional download link to store in Passbook app.

 Illustrated iPhone with QR code

Customer downloads the Passbook ticket tailored to their device with your info and branding.

Worried your customers aren't connected to the internet? You can send the code on its own in a text message.

Apple Passbook logo

What is Passbook?

Passbook keeps things like airline boarding passes, movie tickets, and gift cards all in one place, letting you scan your iPhone or Android phone to check in for a flight, get into a movie, redeem a coupon, and more.

Passbook is built into iPhones running iOS 6 and above

Covers 90% of mobiles

Redeeming The Ticket

Scan your customer's ticket using our companion app. Alternatively use a code your tills recognise or type manually into your Messenger account.

Android App coming soon
Purple box with messenger text
 TextLocal logo on mobile screen
Purple box with messenger text
TextLocal Messenger diagram

Ticket Redemption

Choose what you would like the ticket to do, start by displaying a custom message in the Messenger app . . .

One time use.
QR code text message
Phone flash Top half smart phone graphic Successfully scanned mobile illustration
Repeated use.
Mobile phone with loyalty card QR code
Phone flash Top half smart phone graphic Customer loyalty promotion example

When the ticket is scanned you can instantly . . .

Send texts to yourself and/or your customer.

Speech bubble message

Send emails to yourself and/or your customer.

Envelope illustration

Hook into your own systems by connecting to a URL.

Computer server illustration

Or any combination of the above.

You can also send texts at a specific time after an event . . .

Blank phone screen outline Delayed message example
Blank phone screen outline Example customer loyalty message
Blank phone screen outline Example thank you text message


View your ticket redemption history online in messenger.

Example report from Messenger 3.0


3 Months Free Trail
Package Pay As You Go Contract
Sending cost 2x credit cost 1x credit cost
Redemption cost 0.5 message per redemption Free
Displays "Powered by Textlocal" Yes No
Price ₹0

Contact sales

Maximum concurrent tickets 2 Unlimited

Textlocal enables businesses of all sizes and every industry to create and send mobile tickets, vouchers, coupons, loyalty cards and special offers in bulk SMS campaigns to their customers; these tickets can then be stored on recipients’ mobile phones directly or via Passbook and can be instantly redeemed anytime at a later point.

This means that you can create, send and redeem any voucher, anytime: 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Get rid of printing costs, time delays, software costs for voucher creation and redemption, tracking costs and more, while enhancing the customer experience. What’s more, you can also send time bound discount coupons during lean hours and optimize your retail, restaurant or salon footfalls.

Textlocal also helps remove any chances of fraud and re-distribution by ensuring that codes are 100% unique and non-transferable and by restricting the number of scans/redemptions on mobile tickets to just one.

For full details, pricing options and more contact us today.

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Superb Service Provider and Support

Superb Service provider as well as the Support team, helped me with the API issue within 20 minutes of complaint rise!!Pricing also reasonable!!Texts will be delivered within a minute or less!!

Why go mobile with ticketing, vouchers and loyalty cards?

The usage of mobile ticketing, mobile vouchers and mobile loyalty cards makes life considerably easier for both customers and businesses, removing a lot of the problems and pitfalls associated with the use of traditional physical ticketing, while also providing additional functionality.

  • Consumers need not worry about misplacing physical copies or forgetting to bring them along. The likelihood of a customer forgetting their phone or tablet, especially when compared to the easily misplaced physical alternative, is minimal. This also ensures repeated use of offers and loyalty cards, implying increased revenue for businesses.
  • Businesses and event managers can now get rid of expensive third party software to generate unique ticketing/coupon codes.
  • Using mobile alternatives, businesses can easily track detailed metrics of event attendance or coupon code redemption. You know exactly when a particular customer has redeemed the code and at what location. This helps in both fraud prevention and further business analysis.
  • You can redeem customers' mobile vouchers and loyalty cards with a simple scan using Textlocal mobile app. Bid goodbye to long queues and complex coupon redemption processes!  
  • Mobile ticketing simplifies the entier event organization process, saving the time and money of businesses and customers alike.
  • By vastly reducing the amount of paper and card used, the use of these mobile alternatives is also a far better choice from an environmental perspective.