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The returns on your SMS campaigns depend on multiple factors including delivery rate, delivery speed, uptime, scalability, compliance, security, support, and campaign customization options. You should also account for various hidden charges and UI/API limitations that increase your overall costs, directly or indirectly.

It is important to carefully evaluate all the factors that influence your campaign effectiveness. The SMS providers that offer insanely low prices often fall short on most of these factors – in fact, their low pricing reflects a lack of investment in SMS gateway infrastructure, telecom partnerships, product features, and customer support.

Find out how Textlocal fares in multiple important aspects that affect SMS returns.

Customized SMS Campaigns

For better engagement and response rates

With Textlocal

Feature-packed user interface helps you easily create high engagement campaigns. Be it personalizing bulk pushes, sending regional language texts, attaching files, or sharing forms & surveys, you can do it all in just a few clicks!

With generic SMS providers

Limited functionality and poorly designed interfaces make it difficult to go beyond sending plain SMS texts. Simple features such as inserting custom fields, or providing an opt-out path are often missing or need additional plugins.

Advanced Analytics

For measuring SMS campaign effectiveness

With Textlocal

For the first time ever, you can now track campaign effectiveness using click-through data as an indicator for customer engagement. Know how many recipients clicked on your links, their mobile numbers, and time of the click. Selecting the right message and campaign time is now possible by just comparing click-rates!

With generic SMS providers

Sending SMS campaigns is like shooting in the dark. You get no data or insights into how your customers are engaging with your campaigns. Finetuning your message content or finding the right time to send campaigns remains a guess work without the right engagement data!

Powerful, Scalable and Secure SMS APIs

For quicker and easier integrations

With Textlocal

With comprehensive documentation and sample codes, our APIs help you integrate your application within minutes. Our powerful SMS APIs allow you to send bulk SMS offers, trigger transactional updates and OTPs, insert trackable weblinks, receive inbound SMS, pull reports, manage contacts & more.

With generic SMS providers

APIs are often limited to sending plain-text SMS and balance checks. Integrating other features like receiving SMS is either not possible or may incur significant development costs. Some of the providers may even charge you extra for generating API keys and accessing their documentation.

Multiple Operator Connectivity

For faster deliveries and redundancy

With Textlocal

Direct partnership with multiple telecom operators and Textlocal’s intelligent SMS gateway ensure best-in-class delivery rates & speeds and 24x7 support for your texts.

With generic SMS providers

Connected to inferior low-cost routes via a rudimentary gateway, you may frequently observe delayed or missed deliveries, implying bad customer experience and lost transactions!

Robust Technology Infrastructure

For superior uptime, ultra-low latencies and seamless scalability

With Textlocal

Our robust cloud-based infrastructure with inbuilt redundancy at every level and round-the-clock monitoring systems ensure unmatched uptimes. With thousands of customers and millions of pushes every month, our systems are scalable to handle huge volumes as and when needed.

With generic SMS providers

Many SMS providers do not invest in building and maintaining a resilient backend infrastructure, resulting in frequent downtimes. An unscheduled downtime can mean lost business or worse, disgruntled customers!

Enterprise Ready

For enterprise-grade features, robust infrastructure and pricing that scale as your business grows

With Textlocal

Setup and seamlessly manage multiple accounts for various branches/franchisees with centralized management. Assign role privileges and get detailed audit trail for users accessing your account. Also, get help with bespoke integrations.

With generic SMS providers

Most often lack enterprise features like multi-user roles, tiered account structure, lockable templates and enhanced SLAs.

One Stop Shop For All SMS Needs

Save costs, time and effort in working with multiple products and services

With Textlocal

Apart from sending SMS, you can receive SMS via short/long codes, setup auto-replies, manage opt-ins and opt-outs, create web pages, mobile surveys, couponsand much more from one single platform. You can even configure missed call numbers and dual VMNs with Textlocal.

With generic SMS providers

Limited to sending SMS. Receive SMS feature is either missing or when available, providers often take time to procure longcodes. Features like creating mobile-friendly surveys and tickets, and sending them via SMS are non-existent, forcing you to integrate other non-SMS products.

Fanatic Customer Support

For quicker resolutions and expert recommendations to get maximum returns

With Textlocal

With a Trustscore of 4.8/5 on Trustpilot, Textlocal is the highest-rated SMS platform. From product demos & marketing tips to personalized recommendations & technical integrations, our expert team is always ready to help you. We take pride in providing fanatic support to all our customers irrespective of the deal size!

With generic SMS providers

The level of support offered varies widely on whether the sale is closed and on the deal size. Small and mid-sized customers are often provided email-only support with significantly longer resolution times. We strongly recommend looking up online reviews while evaluating SMS products.

Textlocal also scores high in other aspects like regulatory compliance, stringent data privacy and security policies, and providing authentic real-time delivery reports, making us the preferred bulk SMS provider for over 1,65,000 businesses across the world. Now, it’s your turn.


The team is very much supportive and managed all our projects effectively. They were very responsive and worked fast to touch our target. We hope that you will continue to favour us with your extended support.



Their API service works perfectly. Their customer support picks up the phone and responds to our queries within less than 5 minutes *every single time* and the user interface of the product is simple and once again, just works.

Vaidy Bala


Our experience with Textlocal's E-mail to SMS Gateway service has been very positive - all the way from evaluating the service (received very nice technical sales support to address our key requirements) to adoption (very simple & quick processes + very responsive team that helped us get started quickly) & usage- the service itself has been very reliable so far!!

Intel Corp.


Easy to use and the SMS campaigns are done swiftly. Batch Scheduling on a specific time has been functioning superbly. Tracking of messages provide a great support to us in analyzing the outcomes.Overall a great experience !

Deepika Radhu

Trusted By Over 225,000 Businesses

Try us. You will love the Textlocal experience.

Easy and Powerful

Effortlessly send powerful bulk SMS communications from our easy-to-use web interface and comprehensive & flexible APIs.

Best-in-class SMS Delivery

Get unmatched delivery rates and speeds with our direct telecom operator connectivity and intelligent bulk SMS gateway.

Fanatic Customer Support

Whether it's detailed demos, API integrations or bespoke requests, we're always there to help you. We're rated 4.8/5 on Trustpilot.

One Place For All SMS Needs

Send promotional or transactional SMS via web UI, APIs & plugins, receive SMS & missed call hits, set up tiered accounts & more!

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