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Did you know that Textlocal missed call numbers and dual VMNs can work wonders for your business? These numbers allow your customers and prospects to reach you easily via a simple missed call or SMS.  You can generate leads and even open up 2-way interactions by displaying and promoting your number(s) on various marketing channels, including billboards, brochures, social media, radio/TV/newspaper ads, website and more.

Textlocal offers two ways to start receiving missed calls:

Missed Call Numbers

(10-digit numbers)

Customers can give missed calls at zero cost. The call gets disconnected after 1 ring.

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Dual VMNs

(10-digit numbers)

Customers can give missed calls and/or text into (SMS) dual VMNs. Missed calls incur zero costs and standard SMS costs apply.

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To buy missed call numbers & dual VMNs, contact us at or 040-30858603

How do missed call numbers and dual VMNs work?

You can access the list of all leads/customers who give missed calls or sends an SMS to your numbers and engage with them at your convenience. You can also setup SMS auto-replies to provide further product/service information, send a discount coupon, or share sales/support contact details. You can also setup SMS/Email notifications whenever you receive missed calls or SMS.

Benefits of Textlocal Missed Call and Dual VMNs:

  • Easy and instant setup
  • Simple auto-reply & auto-forward configuration
  • View & export subscriber database online
  • Track campaign effectiveness with granular reports
  • Access premium, handpicked fancy numbers
  • Affordable, flexible pricing options

What does it mean for your business?


Build Opt-in Database

Use our missed call numbers and dual VMNS to entice your customers with tempting offers and encourage them to opt-in. Share these numbers in all your marketing communications and see your database soar.


Reach Low-Internet Connectivity Areas

A missed call number or a dual VMN enables you to easily tap audiences from regions with low internet or smartphone penetration. Increase the reach of your business with a missed call marketing campaign and get more leads.


Effective Lead Management

You will never lose a lead anymore because your representatives were busy with other customers. Get detailed report containing customer mobile number, date and time of call or incoming SMS.


Track your Campaign Effectiveness

Track lead flow from every source by configuring unique numbers/keywords for billboard displays, newspaper ads, TV ads etc. and effectively measure engagement rates and ROI of your marketing activities.


Conduct Polls and Gather Feedback

Ask your customers to give a missed call or SMS to a certain number to give their opinion on the poll. Get opinions, feedback or even support for social causes effectively using missed call numbers and dual VMNs.


Alternate Contact Option

If the primary contact number goes down, customers can give missed call or send specific enquiries as SMS to your dual VMN.


Setup 24/7 Virtual Assistant

Allow customers to get information on-demand by scheduling SMS auto replies to include brochures, PDFs & web links. Set up and use custom triggers or keywords to automate your SMS workflow.

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I needed an email to SMS gateway to send sms alerts form my server. Textlocal Support team has helped me to setup with in 10 min . Got a good timely response from Support- Ramya. Expecting to maintain the same. Kudos :)