We are excited to reveal two new product updates designed to make your Textlocal usage more convenient and easier. 

  1. Set new SMS credit alerts based on usage percentage
  2. New plugins: Wordpress plugin and Magento 2.X SMS extension

Get Timely Reminders with New SMS Credit Alerts

Plan ahead and never run out of credits. With this latest update, get notified each time credits in your account fall below specific percentage thresholds defined by you (e.g. alert when credits drop below 25%).

Default Configuration:

  • The 1st alert will be sent when your current balance drops below 25% of total credits (calculated at the time of last purchase).
  • The 2nd alert will be sent when your current balance drops below 10% of total credits (calculated at the time of last purchase).
  • The 3rd and 4th alerts are not set.

Please note the default values can be changed according to your requirements. You can set up to 4 different credit thresholds.

Note that SMS credit thresholds can also be defined in absolute terms (e.g. 1000 credit threshold) instead of percentage values. Further, you can choose to receive these alert notifications via SMS or email or both.


New Plugins

Textlocal offers the most flexible integration options by allowing customer to send SMS via web interface, SMS APIs, Microsoft Excel, Email gateway or mobile apps. We are thrilled to announce a couple of new options - you can now send Textlocal SMS directly from your Wordpress or Magento plugins at no additional cost! 

Wordpress Plugin

Easily integrate your website with Wordpress plugin and keep your customers updated with automated SMS order notifications.Check the status of every SMS sent to a customer directly in the plugin by viewing the log history for their order. See the message that was sent, the status and much more. Learn more.

Magento 2.X SMS Extension

You can now easily integrate your e-commerce website using Textlocal Magento 2.X SMS extension. Send automated order confirmation alerts, shipping notifications, invoices and more directly from your website. Learn more.

Review date:

Excellent experience with Textlocal's E-mail to SMS Gateway Service

Our experience with Textlocal's E-mail to SMS Gateway service has been very positive - all the way from evaluating the service (received very nice technical sales support to address our key requirements) to adoption (very simple & quick processes + very responsive team that helped us get started quickly) & usage- the service itself has been very reliable so far!!