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With the explosion of smartphones and low-cost data, mobile marketing is undergoing a rapid transformation in India. Businesses are now creating more powerful customer engagement journeys on SMS than just sending plain-vanilla SMS. With the right tools, you can now send HTML surveys, brochures, weblinks and mobile coupons via SMS, and even interact with your customers on the channel.

SMS has 5x higher open rates and response rates than Email and other social media channels and so, you are guaranteed better results! At Textlocal, we experience this difference first-hand for all our comms, including this monthly newsletter sent via SMS and email.



Get Better Response Rates by Sending HTML Surveys and Forms via SMS

Textlocal surveys and forms are equipped with industry-standard features to enable you to create professional, multi-page surveys in minutes.

  • Personalize for each recipient using merge fields
  • Insert dropdowns, radio buttons, checkboxes, multiple choice options, star ratings, date/time picker, and free text fields
  • Use survey Logic to present specific questions or pages to respondents based on their previous answers
  • Brand your survey by inserting your business logos and images
  • Track who filled the survey and who dropped off along with the timestamp

You can use Textlocal surveys and forms to collect customer feedback, conduct market research and polls, capture data for applications, appointments and registrations, and much more.


Easily Measure Campaign Performance with Textlocal Shortlinks

Effortlessly insert any URL in your message and deliver it as a shortlink with Textlocal. Unlike other URL shorteners (e.g. Bitly), Textlocal shortlinks can be sent as unique trackable links to millions of recipients in your bulk SMS campaigns.

  • Make every character count by shortening your long weblinks 
  • Get granular click metrics along with who opened the link, click timestamp and device characteristics
  • Conduct A/B tests with different messages, send times, CTAs etc. and use click data to understand what works best



Send Unique Personalised Coupons and Tickets to Customers via SMS

Textlocal allows you to easily create full-featured mobile tickets and vouchers with unique coupon codes (and bar/QR codes), send them via SMS and redeem them at entry gates and at points of sale (POS).

  • Send unique codes with single-redemption use to accurately track the customer activity and lower the likelihood of fraud/re-use. Personalize tickets using Textlocal merge fields
  • Brand your mobile tickets and coupons with business images, logos; You can even custom-design the codes e.g. TXT02736LCL
  • See who redeemed at what time and send special messages to non-redeemers

Mobile vouchers, in response to inbound SMS (e.g. when a customer opts-in), are a powerful way to attract new customers and capture their details for on-going communications.


Enable 2-Way Communication with Long/Short codes & Missed Call Numbers

Textlocal offers keywords, short codes, long codes, missed call numbers and dual VMNs to help your customers reach you easily to seek information about your business, ask for support, give feedback and more

  • Allow customers to get information on-demand by sending a simple SMS. Easily setup auto replies or forward incoming requests to your email, application or mobile number.
  • Record and track every interaction online
  • Expand your contact database with each inbound message
  • Effectively manage inbound lead flow by receiving texts and missed calls (and, not direct calls) from customers, and getting back to them at your convenience
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Excellent and Easy to Use !!

To be honest ! Text Local is one of the BEST SMS provider I have used ! Its simple, lucid and easy to use. The Team at Text local is fantastic and easy to work ! My work has become easy after using Text Local, I will recommend Text local to people who want their work to be done in a simple and effective way ! I would personally thank the team at Text Local for a fabulous support ! 5 STARS for the simple and an effective application over web and making customers Happy !! Best Regards Vidhatha