Sending messages to large groups via Textlocal web portal just got easier and faster! With our latest product update, you can now work on multiple campaigns simultaneously i.e. prepare and send a new campaign without having to wait for the previous campaigns to finish processing. You will also be notified of the campaign status in real time.

What has improved?

Whenever you send an SMS campaign, numerous steps take place in the back-end like merging personalized content, removing opt-outs and excluding DND numbers before calculating the cost. Once the cost is calculated and displayed, you will be prompted to confirm the campaign send. This will continue to work the same way for small group sends.
For larger groups, you can choose to wait while the cost is being calculated, or you can now proceed with either of the two new options: 'Send when ready' or 'Notify me when ready'.


(Screenshot of the new Send Preview screen)

  • Send When Ready: When you select this option, you can leave the current page and get on with your other tasks. The SMS campaign is sent automatically as soon as the cost is calculated (or as per your schedule).
  • Notify me when ready: With this option, you can once again leave the current page while the cost calculation happens in the background. You will now receive a notification in Textlocal portal (and, via SMS/email based on your preferences) once the cost calculation is done. You can review the campaign and costs from Send > Send Review ( before confirming the send.
    • You can modify your notification preferences under Settings > All Settings > Your Notifications.

(Screenshot of the new Send Preview screen)


Find out everything about this product update in our latest how-to guide. Download it here.


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Run effective SMS campaigns with Textlocal and make the most of the festive season sales. Send personalized offers with images, shortlinks, vouchers, tickets, and more and get maximum responses. What's more, our latest update makes it quicker and easier to push your bulk SMS promotions.

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Being in a very rural area we find it…

Being in a very rural area we find it extremely difficult to get reception therefore making it even more difficult to run a business and keep in contact with our customers. TextLocal has changed that. Excellent service given by Ramya. Thank you