Dual Branded Reseller Program

Earn additional income by promoting our services to your customers

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What's included in our dual brand package?

With Textlocal's dual branded solution, you can become a business mobile messaging provider to your customers at minimal cost and earn money from every purchase that your customers make.

Get Textlocal Messenger with your branding and enable your customers to send SMS, receive messages and access all of Textlocal's other mobile marketing services.

A dual brand account has a one-time set up fee of Rs. 499 + Service Tax. To open a dual brand account call us at +91 40 30858603.

  • Dual branded Messenger for your customers to log in and send texts

  • An account creation page to ensure your customers are tagged to you

  • Ability to manually create customer accounts

  • Ongoing repeat commissions for every purchase made

  • Commissions paid monthly

  • Full sales & marketing support

  • Customers can purchase online, by cheque, or via bank transfer

  • Full reporting package

  • 100% risk free trial for your customer

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What commission do I get?

Message Bundle Commission
1,000 Credits ₹38
2,000 Credits ₹75
5,000 Credits ₹188
10,000 Credits ₹338
25,000 Credits ₹750
50,000 Credits ₹1,350
1,00,000 Credits ₹2,175
2,50,000 Credits ₹4,875
5,00,000 Credits ₹6,250

How does it work?

You receive a branded landing page to capture new users. This will be hosted at www.sendsms.org.in/yourcode/. You will also be provided with a dual branded Messenger with your own logo at the top-left and a background color of your choice. You will get a button on your Textlocal Messenger to view all your users, commission generated, change your logo and Messenger colors. As a business mobile messaging provider you can also create new Textlocal.in accounts manually for your customers, tagged to you. In order to promote this, you will need to build your own website to sell the service to your users and link to your www.sendsms.org.in signup page. Once the user has activated we take over and handle all sales and support for you.

Dual Brand terms and conditions

If you meet the above criteria, you will receive an email at the end of each quarter advising of the commission earned. You then simply invoice us for this amount (plus taxes if applicable) which we will pay directly into your bank account.

If you are unable to meet these conditions, we will be happy to carry over your commissions and the count of customers for 3 months.

How do I become a business mobile messaging provider?

Contact us to discuss upgrading your Messenger account to a Dual Brand reseller account. Dual Brand account requires a one-time setup fee of Rs. 499 + taxes.