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  require 'textlocal.class.php';
  $textlocal=new textlocal('','e215398a8820abd2c7a11a6cd5b1009d');
  $textlocal->sendSms('917788990011','Your car - KA01 HG 9999 - is due for service on July 24th, please text SERVICE to 92205 92205 for a callback','FORDIN');

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Reliably and securely send & receive texts worldwide. Our Platinum Operator status guarantees the highest quality text service at the best price. What's more, our SMS API receives delivery receipts, schedules messages & pulls results from mobile forms & surveys into your app. The API is also fully integrated with Textlocal Messenger to easily manage your contacts and groups. Sign up free or contact us on 040 30858602 to chat with our experts for advice.

As long as your app is connected to the internet, you can send SMS from it. There are full code examples in every modern language to get you started - and what you do from there is up to you. The possibilities really are endless and our phenomenal technical support team are on hand to provide you with assistance every step of the way.

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Easily integrate SMS features with our versatile API code

Of course, the API is not all about sending SMS, you can schedule messages too as-well-as manage contacts, retrieve inbound messages and so much more. Why not take a look at the features below and get the ball rolling on your project!

Send an SMS

Send SMS's to individuals or groups. Send up to 8000 messages per second using our award winning Bulk SMS messaging API with full delivery receipts. Read more...

Scheduled messages

Get a detailed list of all the messages you have scheduled to be sent out. Cancel any unwanted messages directly from within your own website or app. Read more...

Inbound Messages

Retrieve a list of inboxes and get the full list of messages in a range if required. Results are returned as either JSON or XML for easy inclusion in your own systems. Read more...

Contact management

Manage your contacts, create and delete contact groups, add contacts either individually or in bulk. Read more...

Message Reporting

Retrieve your message history including messages sent through Messenger, email to SMS or the API. Get the status of any message or group of messages. Read more...

Messenger Surveys

Retrieve a list of your surveys. Your survey results are returned as either JSON or XML, these can be easily integrated in your own website or app. Read more...

Account Management

Keep track of your Textlocal account, easily retrieve your SMS and MMS balances. Pull out a list of all of the sender names on your account. Read more...

Reseller Management

Manage your white label account. Retrieve a list of all the accounts under your white label account, and transfer credits between those accounts. Read more...

Manage Delivery Reports

Choose to receive API delivery receipts directly to your application on a common URL or specify the delivery notification URL during the send process.