Welcome to the Textlocal SMS delivery challenge

We're glad you are interested in taking up the Textlocal SMS delivery challenge. Read on for more details about the challenge.

Why is SMS delivery important?

There are several factors one should keep in mind while evaluating SMS providers, but SMS delivery has the most direct, measurable impact on your returns. Delivery rates and delivery speeds are often misrepresented by fraudulent providers and so, we believe it is critical to get an accurate measurement of these factors.

How can I take the SMS Delivery Challenge?

Send an email to marketing@textlocal.in from your registered email ID with the subject line "SMS Delivery Challenge", along with the following details:

  1. Name of your current SMS provider who you think offers better SMS delivery than Textlocal
  2. Proof of purchase

We'll then add 1,000-10,000 free SMS credits to your account for you to send the challenger SMS campaign. We'll also send an email with instructions on how to send the SMS campaign and measure delivery in an unbiased manner.

Note: Only the customers who received e-mail/SMS communication from us are eligible for taking the delivery challenge.

Other factors that can affect returns on your SMS campaigns:

While delivery rates and speeds are crucial, here is the checklist of other important aspects that directly or indirectly affect your SMS returns:

  • Ability to easily send personalized media-rich SMS campaigns
  • Authentic delivery reports to make the right decisions
  • SMS APIs that can help you integrate texting from any application in minutes
  • Enterprise-grade infrastructure to scale with confidence
  • Advanced click reports for measuring and optimizing campaign effectiveness
  • Fanatic customer support
  • Clear and honest pricing with zero hidden charges
  • Robust infrastructure for near-zero downtime
  • Data privacy and security to protect your valuable customer data

Read more about the factors influencing your SMS campaign returns.

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