We would like to thank you for being a part of Textlocal family and we are very grateful for your continued patronage. We wouldn’t be here without loyal customers like you.

As you may know, we kept our prices constant over the last 5 years, even though there were frequent revisions in SMS costs from our partner operators. However, the most recent SMS cost increases (from May 2018) have been quite steep and so, we are forced to pass some of the increased costs to you, while absorbing the rest of the increase ourselves. The new prices are applicable from 23rd May 2018.

Please find the new SMS bundle prices below:

SMS Credit Bundle Price Per SMS
1,000 28.0 paisa
2,000 28.0 paisa
5,000 28.0 paisa
10,000 25.0 paisa
25,000 23.0 paisa
50,000 20.0 paisa
1,00,000 17.5 paisa
2,50,000 16.5 paisa
5,00,000 15.5 paisa
10,00,000 14.5 paisa
- 18% GST applicable
- Prices valid for both promotional SMS and transactional SMS

Credit Adjustments on June 5, 2018:

We will also be adjusting credits from your outstanding credit balance to partially pass on the cost increases. For this credit deduction exercise, we will consider only a partial 2 paisa increase from your old pricing (and, not the full 3 paisa price increase).

  • Credit adjustment will be done only for unused credits as on June 5th 6PM.
  • All SMS credits purchased at increased pricing (effective today) will be unaffected and will remain as they are.
  • If your purchase rate was 18 paisa, your credits will be adjusted at 20 paisa (= 18+2). If you have 25,000 unused credits on June 5, your new credit balance will be 22,500 (=25,000*18/20).

Even though our costs have gone up significantly from May 2018, we have been absorbing them. We will continue to fully absorb costs for all credits used till June 5, 2018.



We have put together a few FAQs to clarify any queries you may have about the price revision and credit adjustments:

  1. I bought SMS at a different price point than the ones mentioned in the above table. How will my pricing be affected?
    As our costs have steeply increased by ~4 paisa, our prices are expected to go up by 3 paisa across all bundle volumes, including more than 10,00,000 SMS purchases. Please contact your account manager to know your new pricing.

  2. How many credits will be deducted on June 5, 2018?
    Credit adjustment will be based on your purchase rate and the 2-paisa-impact. For instance: If your credit balance is 1000 as on June 5th and the purchase rate was 20p, your credits will be adjusted at 22p (=20p + 2p). The new credit balance will be 909 (=1,000*20/22).

    Note that we are partially absorbing the cost increases and are only passing on 2-paisa increase to our customers. We will communicate the exact number of credits deducted by June 6th.

  3. What happens to purchases made from today?
    For all purchases made at new pricing (effective 23rd May 2018), there will not be any credit adjustments. Only your unused credits from your previous purchases will be affected.

  4. I have more questions about price revisions and credit adjustments. Who should I contact?
    Please email us at support@textlocal.in along with your customer ID. Your account manager will get back to you shortly to answer all your queries.

  5. Should I expect any further price revisions and credit adjustments?
    We believe these kind of industry-wide increases are extremely rare and the last such exercise was carried out 5 years back in 2013. Incidentally, the price increases in both 2013 and now (May’18) are due to steep cost increases resulting from external factors (regulators or operators).

As always, we’ll continue to offer you the best-in-class service and ensure you get maximum returns for your SMS spends, better than any other SMS provider in India.

Contact Us:
If you have any questions or comments regarding price changes and credit adjustments, please drop an email to support@textlocal.in along with your customer ID. Your account manager will get back to you shortly to answer all your queries.