Case Study

Mink achieves 35% higher ROI and deploys a real-time communication channel

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Mink is a pre-eminent valet laundry service provider focused on providing superior quality & personalized care for garments. Technology being the core, MINK promises to deliver an excellent customer experience.


Business Challenge

The online laundry service market is a growing sector characterized by a large number of players. For organizations in the startup mode, acquiring customers quickly and affordably, and streamlined operations management are crucial for success. Mink found that its cost of acquisition was exorbitantly high via various mobile advertising options. Mink also needed a solution to send real-time customer alerts about pick up/drop off schedules, payment alerts, subscription reminders, delays and more. While email updates had poor open rates, other options like personally calling the customer were clearly not scalable.

High customer acquisition cost: Mobile marketing channels, including email, had low ROI.

Real-time alerts: Email alerts were rendered ineffective due to the low open rates and high read times, resulting in significant operational overheads e.g., an unread update about drop-off time/place significantly increased the delivery costs due to the multiple trips required.

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"Being a fast growing startup, we wanted a solution which can help us quickly acquire new customers and also, engage with our consumer base in a scalable way without burning our pockets"

-Ashish Tayal, Co founder

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Targeted SMS promotional campaigns
32% of the consumers reply positively to SMS promotions and 97.5% of the texts are read within 5 seconds of being received. Due to these high response rates and low costs, Mink found SMS promotions to be the most ROI friendly.

Improved conversions with media-rich Textlocal campaigns
Textlocal SMS campaigns with embedded images, files and landing page weblinks helped Mink improve its conversion rates vis-à-vis a plain-text SMS campaign, while maintaining the costs.

Data driven marketing with advanced analytics
Textlocal shortlinks and analytics gave valuable insights into Mink’s customer profiles (mobile number, device information) and effectiveness of their campaigns, allowing them to finetune messages based on target audience.

Real-time communication via SMS API integration
Mink integrated with Textlocal’s API gateway to trigger SMS alerts from their software. Time-sensitive updates such as pick up times and order confirmations are now shared in real-time providing smoother customer experience.

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  • 35% higher ROI with media-rich SMS campaigns
  • Streamlined execution with real-time alerts
  • Faster go-to-market with intuitive features


"We achieved 35% higher ROI with Textlocal SMS campaigns and reduced order processing time by streamlining customer communications. The easy UI helped us launch campaigns on-demand"

- Ashish Tayal, Co Founder

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