Why Textlocal Gives You Better Returns Than Cheap Bulk SMS Providers

There are many providers in the market who offer insanely low prices for bulk SMS. It is extremely important that you choose the right bulk SMS provider for your promotional and transactional SMS needs. Price/SMS should not be the only criteria for choosing your bulk SMS service provider. There are a lot of other critical aspects that should be considered like deliverability, ease of use, comprehensive features, customer support etc.

What is the risk if you go with cheap bulk SMS providers?

With zero compliance with TRAI and other guidelines, there are high chances that your business will land in legal complications. These providers have no data security and privacy policies which means you are just giving away your hard earned customer database by using their service. Moreover, you do not get a robust gateway technology to offer the deliverability and speeds that your business-critical messages need. The money that you are trying to save by choosing cheap bulk SMS providers will just be a fraction of what you can earn from a potential customer who is lost because of missed/delayed SMS delivery. The paisas that you're trying to save are nowhere close to the thousands/lakhs of revenue that a customer could probably generate for you. 

At your attempt to save a few bucks, you will actually end up hurting your business. We suggest you spend 2 minutes in researching about any bulk SMS provider (Google/Quora or any other sources) before signing up with any bulk SMS service provider.

How is Textlocal better than the rest?

Textlocal ensures maximum returns for your promotional and transactional SMS with unmatched delivery, authentic real-time reports, easy and powerful features and fanatic customer support. Our intelligent gateway technology with direct telecom operator connectivity ensures high redundancy and ultra-low latencies ensuring best-in-class delivery for your messages. Our customers vouch by the ROI we generate for them. Check out our reviews on Trustpilot which speak volumes of our superior customer support, award-winning platform, easy and powerful features and superior delivery. Check out why 1,65,000 businesses choose Textlocal as their bulk SMS service provider.


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A quick comparison table to know why Textlocal gives you better returns than cheap bulk SMS providers:


Textlocal Vs Others

Textlocal Cheap Bulk SMS Service Providers
Authentic real-time delivery reports Fake reports to make up for the insanely low costs
Uncompromised priority for both Promotional & Transactional SMS Transactional SMS is usually costlier than Promotional SMS indicating Promotional SMS delivery is compromised
Unlimited Sender IDs, Transactional account Setup, Integration support are FREE of cost All these will be charged in addition to the SMS credits
Completely TRAI compliant and risk-free Higher Risk of violating the TRAI guidelines which can hurt your brand
Granular click reports to measure campaign effectiveness Running campaigns is like shooting in the dark - measuring campaign effectiveness not possible
Simple yet powerful interface to easily carry out SMS communications Clumsy, difficult-to-use interface with limited functionality
Your data safe with us - read our detailed privacy policy Zero data security guidelines and policies
Wide range of integration options – APIs, Excel, Email to SMS, Apps and more Limited/no API functionality, zero technical support for integrations
Direct telecom operator connectivity ensures best-in-class delivery for every message Small-time SMS resellers with poor operator connectivity
Intelligent gateway technology ensures high redundancy and ultra-low latency Run-of-the-mill gateway technology with no inbuilt redundancy
One stop shop for all your business SMS needs Just plain bulk SMS with no additional functionalities.
Highest rated customer support with 96% reviews rated 5.0/5.0 Poor support - your queries related to undelivered messages, API integrations and any issues may go unresolved