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Tips & Tricks on using Textlocal for Higher Customer Engagement

We at Textlocal wanted to demonstrate the unrivaled ways to reach your contacts through our platform. We’ll show you how to send your messages 24x7 with Transactional accounts and why automation through API Integration is important for your business. To get you started, we’ve shared a few tips and tricks below –

1. Use inbuilt Textlocal features to deliver exceptional customer experience

Send SMS with your business name, schedule your messages to be sent later, stagger your sends over a time period, and provide an opt-out path. Compose messages in 20+ regional languages and upload 5 custom fields for every recipient to send out personalized SMS to millions of contacts at once. Read more for a step-by-step process on customizing your campaigns.

Learn how to send files, images, PDFs, and weblinks as Textlocal shortlinks in your SMS.


2. Track delivery and click reports for your SMS communications

Textlocal provides best-in-class SMS delivery, thanks to our platinum operator connectivity. If you don’t believe us, we urge you to take the Textlocal delivery challenge and experience better results than with our competition.

We provide real-time delivery reports of all the messages sent. Additionally, you can track granular click metrics, including the recipient’s mobile number and time of click for any Textlocal shortlinks in your messages. You can access this information in the Reports section of your Textlocal portal.


3. Convert your account to Transactional to send 24x7 SMS communications

Messages which communicate details about a direct transaction like bank alerts, ticket bookings, and order updates for your customers can be sent through Transactional accounts. Email us at to convert to a Transactional account.


4. Send messages to your registered customers on DND numbers

As per TRAI regulations, your default Promotional account can only deliver messages between 9 AM to 9 PM and cannot deliver to numbers in the National Do-Not-Disturb (NDND) registry. Convert to a Transactional account to ensure your registered customers receive your communications.


5. Create templates to ensure hassle-free transactional sends

Since transactional routes are template-restricted, you would only be able to send messages that match your approved templates. View our video on template creation for more details. Reach out to if you have queries or need assistance with template creation and approval.


6. Set up API Integration to automate your SMS communications

To send out automated SMS like OTPs, you can easily integrate your software/CRM with Textlocal API services, which are free of cost and can be set up within 15 minutes. View our comprehensive API Documentation for a detailed explanation.


7. Create your unique API key to integrate your application with Textlocal

The unique API key for your account can be generated from Settings -> All Settings -> API keys.

API keys can be restricted to a set of IP addresses. The API key entered in ‘apikey’ parameter should match one of the active API keys in your list and if that API key is restricted to a set of IPs, your machine/server/system IP should be in that set.

Reach out to if you need assistance in setting up or using Textlocal APIs. 


Please get in touch at +91-95021 95021 or if you need assistance with contact group management, sender ID configuration, or customized reporting.