How To Upload Contacts & Send Your First SMS Campaign

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Watch our video tutorial

Watch this video to discover how to use our award-winning SMS platform to upload your contacts and send out personalized campaigns in minutes. For the first time ever, you can embed files, images, web links and SMS surveys in your bulk SMS campaigns!

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Download our how-to guide

This step by step how-to guide shows how to send bulk SMS using Textlocal. It includes everything you need to know about bulk sms marketing from composing effective messages to when to send them and how to measure success. It also touches upon the additional features offered by Textlocal.

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Video Transcript

Welcome to Textlocal. In this video, we will show you how to upload your contacts and how to send your first SMS campaign.

Let’s take the example of an online laundry company that would like to send offers, order updates and subscription reminders to its customers.

Textlocal allows you to create a group of all your contacts along with their respective custom fields.

To create this group, Login to your Textlocal Messenger account.

·         Head over to ‘Contacts’ tab in the navigation bar and select ‘Create Group.’

·         Name your contact group.

·         You are now ready to add contacts to your newly created group in 3 different ways:

·         The first option is to add one number at a time.

·         The second option is to copy-paste a list of numbers.

·         Finally, you can upload a spreadsheet of your contacts along with all the custom fields. As we will see shortly, these custom fields can be used to easily personalize your campaigns.

·         If your excel columns are not in the specified order, please re-assign the column headers correctly in this screen. You can save up to 5 custom fields including the first name & last name fields and ignore the extra fields.


By default, Textlocal removes any duplicates from your contacts. To turn this off, head over to settings tab and check the “Allow Duplicates” option.

Let’s now see how to send your first SMS campaign.

·         Head over to the “Send” tab and select “Send Text Messages ”

·         Start with adding the recipients – you can

·         Send to previously created groups,

·         Send to select contacts, or

·         Send to a new list of contacts


If your account is transactional, select one of the pre-assigned Sender Names for your SMS campaigns. Note that the 6-character Sender Names are pre-approved and assigned to you as part of your transactional account conversion.

Promotional accounts do not have the “Sender Name” field as a 6-digit Sender Name is randomly assigned by the operator.

Use “Insert Merge Fields” to easily personalize your campaign.

As you hit send, the preview screen will show the campaign time, inserted custom fields for the first contact and credits used by the campaign. Confirm your send and voila, you have just sent your first SMS campaign!

Here are few extra tools to enrich your message:

With Textlocal, you can even share files in your SMS with just 1-click. Send weblinks as Textlocal shortlinks to save precious real estate. Schedule your campaign at a date and time when your customers are most receptive.

With Textlocal, it is easy to give your customers an opt-out path – just check the “Include opt-out message” option. Opted out customers will be automatically excluded from your future campaigns unless you explicitly state otherwise.

Let’s take a quick look at our advanced options:

Use the staggered send to send your messages in batches during a certain time period. This helps manage the lead inflow and also, judge the best time to send your campaign! You can also set an expiry time for your campaigns using the validity option.