Textlocal Messenger Overview - Video Tutorial

Grab the popcorn and let us show you Messenger

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Watch this video to find out more about our award-winning SMS marketing software platform. 

Note: This video is to be used only as a reference for India users as it was originally made for UK product and audience.


Video Transcript

Welcome to Messenger Tutorials. These simple 'show and tell' guides will help you understand how easy it is to use our award-winning online platform Messenger.

This Tutorial gets you started and gives you a quick overview of how 'Messenger 2.0' can help you with your mobile marketing.

It starts with your dashboard where you have your message centre showing recently received messages

Overview of your statistics showing messages sent and received

The number of clicks to your mobile web pages

Number of hits on your shortened url's

And a graph showing an overview of when you last sent your campaigns and messages received to

Importing contacts couldn't be simpler...

You simply create a group

Hit add paste upload and import your file

For example here's some data from a car garage who are going to send some MOT reminders

To send the message you simply hit the send message page

Select the group you wish to send the message to

Choose a sender name

Or simple reply service if you would like to receive replies to your messages

Type your message

Insert any custom merge fields like first name, custom1, custom2,

Schedule the message in advance

Include an opt out path where your customers can easily opt out of your campaigns by texting a keyword followed by the word 'stop' to a short code. This comes absolutely free with every Textlocal account

Or you can add a link to our opt out page where customers follow the link, type their number and opt out of your mobile marketing campaigns

You can even segment your mobile messages to go out in staggered batches throughout the day so you get a constant drip feed of responses to your campaigns

You can also set the validity period ...so let's say you had a night club promotion that starts at 9 o'clock tonight you can ensure that messages don't get delivered after that time if the customer switches on their phone

All accounts come with message inboxes, simple reply service allows you to send messages and get replies back

Each account comes with a free keyword on a short code and you can bolt on new keywords on short codes or dedicated reply numbers at any time.

Each inbox can be configured using settings which have extensive response options for automatic responders and forwarding options to forward to email or your web server or mobile phones or bounce receive text message to a group

Messenger comes with a free mobile web page editor where you can create very simple landing pages enabling you to extend any text with a simple url with as much multi media content as you require.

Messenger comes equipped with full delivery reports of your campaigns where you can drill down and view delivery statuses of each text message sent

You can even shortened url's to your web site where you can track visitor clicks

So in summary, messenger 2.0 provides everything you could possibly need to facilitate simple mobile marketing to your customers.

Don't forget within Messenger you can click on 'help' at any time or, of course, you can always call our friendly Support Desk.

Thank you from the UK's number One mobile messaging provider - Textlocal

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