We are glad to inform you that IMImobile now offers WhatsApp Business as a solution to help enterprises like yours to connect with customers. As an official WhatsApp Business solution provider, we can help you seamlessly integrate WhatsApp Business to drive customer engagement through intelligent, context-aware, media-rich messaging.



Businesses have to provide exceptional customer experiences to stay ahead of the competition

Multiple surveys indicate that customers now want businesses to provide them superior customer experience including faster response times & smarter resolutions.

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Get maximum reach and flexibility

With WhatsApp Business API, you can now deliver rich conversational messaging experiences and transactional notifications to your customers via their most preferred channel of communication.

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What is WhatsApp Business API?

WhatsApp Business API allows enterprises to reach their customers through verified business accounts. It allows enterprises to deliver high volumes of notifications as opposed to WhatsApp for Business App, which is manual and designed for small businesses.
With WhatsApp Business API, you can send:

  • High value transactional notifications
  • Customer support messages & responses

To know more about our WhatsApp Business solution and book a demo, just give a missed call to +91-8367797711

What is WhatsApp Business API?

WhatsApp Business API will help you achieve the following:

  • Richer Proactive Engagement - Address various customer touch-points by sending real-time notifications on purchases, account updates and reminders
  • Seamless Customer Service - Assist customers by instantly responding to FAQs and enabling conversational messaging capabilities on WhatsApp (using chatbots or live support)
  • Collect Feedback - Gather valuable feedback from your customers with ease



The IMImobile Advantage

Faster Time to Market

Automate end-to-end customer journeys using our Visual Flow Builder and start engaging with customers 10x faster. Our visual flow builder offers 20+ pre-built nodes for interactive communication automation.

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AI- powered Conversational Engagement

Enable conversational customer engagement using our integrated NLP and AI capabilities. Get access to 15+ pre-built NLP functions on chatbots such as date/time recognition, sentiment analysis and more.

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Unified Messaging API

Easily integrate and deploy messaging on 10+ channels out-of-the box with our multi-channel API and interact with your customers anywhere in the world.

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Intelligent Fallback

Track message status using real-time delivery and read receipts. Intelligently fallback to SMS or other channels for delivering time-sensitive messages.

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Click here to download our presentation showcasing our product offering in detail, use cases and the success story of MakeMyTrip with WhatsApp.


To know more about our WhatsApp Business solution and book a demo, just give a missed call to +91-8367797711

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We just recently opened the business relationship with TextLocal team and the experience during the sales cycle was great. Comparing to the other SMS service provider; TextLocal user interface for sending SMS and creating groups is user friendly. The overall experience so far is good and look forward for the continued mutual beneficial business relationship. Regards, NHHS- Keelapavoor