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Why does your business need Receive SMS

Jul 22, 2019 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Textlocal offers a range of solutions including keywords, long codes, missed call and dual VMNs using which you can let your customers and prospects reach you easily. Stay ahead of your competition by cashing in on the highly effective SMS channel and watch your business grow exponentially.

Inexpensive way to grow your database

The hunt for prospective customer database simply doesn’t end. You would always want to keep growing your database and market your business to more and more people. Generating leads via SMS is proven to be much more effective to grow your database compared to Email. Save your time and money involved in buying databases or targeting contacts not engaged with your brand. Remember, nothing beats inbound organic leads that show genuine interest in your business.

Here’s how Textlocal can help you build your database:

  1. Long Codes – 10 digit virtual mobile numbers Ex: 92205 92205
  2. Keywords – terms specific to your business or certain purpose Ex: OPTIN to 56263
  3. Missed call numbers – 10 digit virtual mobile numbers capable of receiving missed calls
  4. Dual VMNs – 10 digit virtual numbers capable of receiving SMS as well as missed calls

Promote your virtual mobile numbers in Marketing collateral, Offline ads, In-store, Emails, Website, Social media and any other place you can think of. The many advantages associated with VMNs are: Easy for your customers to use, Works offline – customers do not need an internet connection, Record and track every interaction online, Effectively manage inbound lead flow by contacting the customer at your leisure. Run your business via SMS.

Let your customers text into your long code or give a missed call to seek information about your business, place orders, raise complaints, give feedback and more. Configure auto-replies to various keywords and missed call numbers your customers reach you with. Setup a virtual assistant for your business and let it run with the least resources.

Smart way to track effectiveness of offline marketing activities

When you advertise on offline channels like TV, Radio, Newspaper, Wall Poster, Billboards, etc., there is very little insight into their effectiveness which makes it difficult to measure the returns. When you include a keyword with a long code in your advertisement and ask people to text in to show interest or subscribe to an offer, you can track the responses from each channel. Simply have different keywords or different Missed Call Numbers set up for each marketing activity (Ex: TVPROMO to 56263 or Give a missed call to 9220592205 to get 50% discount) and compare the number of messages you receive to decide what’s working best for you.

Receive SMS directly via API

Textlocal APIs let you receive SMS directly to your application without the need of logging into the portal. Retrieve the list of inboxes, get messages from specified inboxes, forward incoming messages to a URL and trigger auto-replies. Use readily available sample codes to effortlessly integrate receive SMS functionality in your application.